Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Revenge deferred.

And so Guivre eats my face again. In a small pick up group, Izman, Tamarisk (now affectionately known as Bullet), Kylara and I tried to take Guivre. It went ok, but I went down relatively early in the fight, to a triple attack to strip shadows and a Fang Rush for the complete face munching. I will have my sweet revenge, oh yes I will! One might ask what exactly was I doing in Kuftal Tunnel to have my face eaten by that annoying wyvern, and I would say mass confusion. Well, in reality Thaz had asked me to come skill up with him. He needed to cap enfeebling magic on his quickly rising RDM, and I was looking for some hand to hand skill ups. So we started to kill some crabs until Aable suggested to me that we head down to see if Bloodthirster Madkix was up. Kitty suggested that the placeholder goblins we a bit hard to be skilling up on, so for those we just killed them quick, then skilled up on the raptors. And low and behold Bloodthirster popped after the first PH was killed ^.^/ At this point Izman was already on his way to do a little skilling up, but Kitty and I decided to try to duo it before he showed up. Now, let me say something really quickly, I thought we were getting the Acha d'Armas for Kitty. He has a 71 WAR and this is a really good ax for WAR, but as has happened before we apparently were camping a NM for me without me even knowing. It was actually pretty easy, and Kitty was easily able to support me as a 53 RDM/BLM. Now, I have heard people waiting for hours for Bloodthirster to pop and never getting the drop, but I had the Kitty inherent TH trait with me and the Acha d'Armas dropped :) Now I have the best Ax at 68 just waiting for me in my Mog, for when I finally get around to leveling WAR. >.<

Anyway, that was last night, now for a bit of a rewind. I finally got to get a GM of my very own. Apparently, if you have seen RMT claim Ullikummi for 50 straight times you get one of your very own. This one decided to show up to me because I was "very upset" about the RMT claiming Ullikummi AGAIN. I am guessing that they show up to show that they actually exist rather than just being canned response algorithms. Didn't make me feel any better about losing Ullikummi again. In fact, it seemed a really hollow action. I would rather have just been ignored again, rather than grand-standed. Ah, well. It does appear that gradual the RMT are losing to SE though, apparently they didn't show up at Behemoth yesterday and they were nowhere to be seen when we tried to take out Guivre, when they are normally all over Amemet. I think they are putting themselves out of business, and are basically putting themselves only on the highest priced items to make their real life money. After their crazy money grab and the SE smackdown, they have essentially put the squeeze on their own income. It's rather short-sighted but to be expected, from people that readily break the law to make money.

In game, I have been spending a lot of time helping people get things done to finish up the Promathia and Aht Urhgan missions. Earlier in the weekend, I stayed up pretty damn late to help run the guys through the Garden to get to the BCNM fight with the 4 Sea "pots." I got to go as SAM for this fight (and got to kill the last pot with a nice Tachi: Gekko after my 2 hour), which was fun. Pretty easy actually, kill the BLM "pots" then try to get as far into the RDM's as we can, then wipe, get up and finish up the RDM "pots." That left them to do the Promathia fight the next day, which I showed up for but didn't get a chance to help them with because Eji and "Bullet" (Tamarisk, hehehe) stepped in to help out. Oh well, I helped with the hard fights at least :) Anyway, they quickly dispatched Promathia (much more successfully than my group did back in the day). In addition to helping the guys finish up the CoP missions, we helped Illius to finish up his Aht Urhgan missions, which included a trip to see good old Khimeria 13. This fight is a little harder when you aren't watching it from your back. Note to those that didn't know: Khimeria 13 attacks like the Shadow Dragon, it doesn't need to turn around to stomp on you. LOL Well, the fight was still pretty easy with 5 people. Eternalpain had come to help too, but he wasn't far enough into the missions to get into the fight, but he should be there by the end of the week no problem. Now, I just need to get my Halvung gate key and we will be all set.

After all of this, my Limbus LS actually had a decent run last night. We tried Temenos West again, and this time it went much more smoothly than the last. We all got 4 or 5 coins and I even got my last piece to upgrade my first piece of Myochin gear. It will be either the Kote or Haidate. Now I think most people would say go with the Kote first, but I am thinking I might go with Haidate because of my WS macro change limitations. The reasoning is that for /WAR and /THF I do not switch my leg piece which is typically just left on Myochin Haidate because its the most STR I can get in the leg slot. So, keeping that in mind it would be a full time use piece rather than a WS macro piece. Now, I do have to say that the Kote is a DAMN good WS macro piece, and I don't have to use stupidly expensive and not all that impressive Gigas bracelets. I still wish that my Limbus LS would take a little bit of finesse into consideration rather than the zerg method of mass BLM death, especially considering the generally higher resistance that Temenos mobs seem to have. A few skillchains properly bursted would go a lot further toward quickly disposing of mobs rather than just blindly nuking, this is especially bad considering it would just take one SAM in a run with two NIN's to basically constantly have Darkness skillchains going off. Oh well, my Limbus LS is like the only place that I don't actively impose my opinion into things, so I will generally defer to the leaders.

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