Friday, January 12, 2007

To be nice?

A bit busy today, so a short philosophical run down on helping other people in the game. Lets face it, a lot of people are selfish. They wont help other people even if there is no consequence to taking the action. They wont do anything, that they do not directly benefit from. This is a sad state of affairs. And it is sad having to see it.

The scenario, Versus was running around Sky doing Sky things, when someone accidentally zones into Kirin's room. And there in is a yellow Kirin with 3 yellow mini-gods. The LS fighting them was having a very hard time with it, but obviously had enough people to do the fight, after checking they had said that they had all four summons within 60 seconds. I have witnessed this before and it usually ends in disaster, as it was with this case. Now this LS wasn't having much of a problem holding the Kirin to prevent despawning but it was going to take a while, so we offered to help, and the help was accepted. There was another LS there in which some people not only refused to help but derided the LS as they tried to recover. For example: Now, I suppose some people will agree with this person, and say "LOL, you can't beat Kirin." But I have seen some of the best LS's on the sever wipe to Kirin, including BBQ, and we assisted them to prevent losing a Kirin. So, to those people, I say, it happens to the best of us, the most "1337" of us, don't act like it doesn't happen to you. Like I said, it's sad to see people behave like this. Anyway, Versus decided to help and we had a lot of fun doing it. We were able to pull the mini's with a little sac pulling and after three easy kills the original LS was back on their way. The truly sad thing about the person making those original comments, is that when this comment was made the original LS was already sacing Kirin and had most of the alliance up, so it wasn't like they were going to let it despawn, and they were going to have to wait for a full Kirin anyway, so them not helping was only going to make their wait to do another Kirin that much longer. The irony of the selfish is laid out before us in all its glory.

Anyway, after Sky was an unsuccessful Limbus run >.< We did Temenos - Western Tower with 6. Not like we died or anything but we received no time chests on the first two floors. Luck was against us I suppose but it seemed like if we had another true DD with us things could have gone a lot quicker. I think that we may have started doing split runs to early on and if we are going to do split runs we need to do it when we have a full compliment of people. Our group had no real issues at all with the run, we were not struggling against the mobs (Tigers then Mandies) we just were not killing that quickly and we got no time chests to drop. Only ended up with 2 coins a piece and no AF. It was quite a bit frustrating as I hate losing.

Anyway, after a while the guys were trying to do CoP 8.2 which is a long run around the Grand Palace of Hu'Xzoi and a fight with an NM, so I decided to come along and help them out, because it was getting late and I was hoping to help speed up their run. It went relatively smoothly, I did get a one shot Sickle Slash though, but outside of that very little to worry about. We fought the NM on Lightsday and it was in bird form when it two houred so that wasn't much to worry about. That was about it for yesterday. I just hope that people can learn to treat each in the way they would hope to be treated, because I highly doubt that many people are masochistic.


Bg said...

Those Kirin pops can be a bitch for sure.

But didn't you know Morrow can solo Kirin Ring? I mean only the gimpest of n00bs can't.

Thazienne said...

You've come a long way, padawan.