Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I got nothing.

Still busy, and will be so until about Thursday. >.< So nothing much for pictures today and after tomorrow night I wont even have my computer. ; ; I am just telling you, so you know what to expect. And now on with the show.

The simple things, I got a party with a friend for my DRK last night, but got pulled away for a while and Spleen let me leach xp for like an hour. LOL I told them to kick me but they didn't care. I got to just over 29, but I was running late for Limbus so I death warped and am now sitting just below 29. Limbus was pretty good even though we didn't do Ultima. >.< We did a split Apollyon and since it was a lot easier than Temenos we only needed one tank. That meant that I could go as DRG. ^.^/ It was fun as hell especially considering the fact that we did SE Apollyon, which meant that we got Piercing bonuses on two of the levels. :) I got a 1688 Penta-thrust, which made my e-peen soar. LOL 6 coins a piece, a decent set of AF drops and another Omega set. A very good night. After that I pretty much went to bed, I was so tired.

I have Salvage again tonight, hopefully I will have more to report about it tomorrow.

I posted a link about Hazhalm Testing Grounds but I wanted to go into it a bit more. This place looks like a completely classic area of Final Fantasy lore, the great dungeon crawl! Now as a disclaimer, these shots were taken by other people, and I don't encourage the hacking that was needed to get these shots, but if you are going to be stupid enough to do it and take pics then I will talk about it. Now, this is an overhead view of the testing grounds. It is a downward spiral, but its hard to see in this picture. The highest point is the area at the bottom of the map and it the lowest point is the central room. The area looks very cave-like, with the final room being close to pitch black and a "purple ambiance" probably because it has a constant double dark weather in the area. Here is another shot to give you an idea of downward progression of the rooms in the area. And now I need to explain the massive expanse of this area. It is FREAKING HUGE, and when I say huge it is the size of a full outdoor zone if not larger, I don't know if it would be able to be to fit on an in-game map. That is a shot of one of the rooms, and if you look in the lower right hand corner of that room, that is Cerberus. Yeah, its that freaking big. I can't wait to see what they have planned for that area of the game. There are pretty large cages in each room that could hold mobs that are used in this area. There also appear to be test shields and other devices in the area, what these are for is anyone's guess. This area is the most intriguing to me right now, but there are other areas that are still left in the expansion that I will present more information on in the next couple of days (mostly as filler for real information, LOL).



gordor said...

; ; nothing about my arrest and wrongfull accusations /cry i thought we were to fight the power on this one ring

Nivaud said...

hacking is for tools.

i support a 1 strike and your out rule.

if people can't play the game fair, find a new game to play.