Monday, January 29, 2007

Back but for how long?

Yep, back again, but I am still really busy this week, but hopefully by Thursday this will all be cleared up. Real life getting in the way sucks >.< LOL Anyway, onto what I actually have been able to do while I was so busy. Actually, lets do what I wasn't around for first, then what I was around for. Well, they did another planned Salvage run, which apparently went much better as a run but their weren't any drops. >.< They did get to fight Mad Bomber, but it looks like they fought it too early, and it blew up on them because they didn't have any stuns. My thought is that if it is up on the side you are doing, you should clear the side getting all the unlocks that you need then head back to kill it. But its very easy to say that from the comfort of my chair instead of being there in the trenches! LOL

Anyway, I can't wait to do Salvage again, it looks like we are focusing on doing Bhaflau left for a while, which I support but we will need to do more if we want to get all of the pieces needed to start upgrading, but we will cross that bridge when we come to it. People are still learning about Salvage and some of the zones are definitely more difficult than others and for one zone, no one has been able to even get to the boss yet.

But lets take a step back, my Limbus LS did another Temenos run, the last we needed to make another Ultima set, which we will be doing tonight. My Limbus LS is a little funny, a couple of weeks ago when we started doing split runs we didn't do any real preparation for splitting the groups, which ended up hurting us pretty badly, now we have swung fully the other direction. We did a elements/avatars run, with a full group and with a bunch of resist gear for one of the tanks, and focusing on bar spells and carols. We also changed the order so that Ifrit was the Avatar that we were going to fight at the end. With all of this preparation the run was a total joke. Inferno did 68 damage to me, and I had no fire resist gear on at all, it did 0 to Kitsume who had full fire resist gear. After that we just fought Carbuncle and it was also a very easy fight. With just Stoneskin, Light Carol and no Kirin's Osode I took zero damage from Searing Light. And we finished the run very quickly, which was also a very nice benefit of being over-prepared. I will probably go as SAM tonight because my HP build isn't finished and I still don't have DRK leveled to 37. >.<

Also, a group of us took Hellzfury and Illius to beat the Mithran Trackers, easy fight, even though the first Astral Flow didn't go off correctly because I had someone move and that moved the targets out of the way. Still even with all of that we just fell back on the kill one, wipe, kill the rest. Not very hard at all, just need to do the Snoll Tsar fight now. The rest of the three paths is very easy after that. Even though I am really busy, I still want to get this done as soon as possible, so they can get to Sea and their rings.

Finally, I want to mention that Iceblazek got his Duelist tabard! He was actually really lucky, because he was second on tabard that day but the first bidder had to leave early, but the crazy thing is that he had to leave early but AFTER the tabard dropped, so he PASSED on it, then logged out. And Ice ended up with it, I wish I could have been there for that! Well, congratulations Ice! It looks good on you.

Thats it for today, I got enough merits for MP level 2, just need to drop them into that tonight, then going to try to level my DRK before and after Limbus, but I am sure I will be distracted by something else. LOL

I wanted to point out these two threads about the Aht Urhgan expansion, apparently there is already a bunch of new events that haven't even been added to the game yet. Like I had no idea that the Hazhalm Testing Grounds were so freaking huge. It appears to be the classic dungeon crawl for final fantasy games, in fact a lot of things in this expansion appear to be drawn from the classic final fantasy games. Well, I would suggest checking these links out: and



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iceblazek said...

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Blaize said...

You've got 70 seconds to beat Mad Bomber from when it aggroes, stun or no stun. I've beaten it twice, but no drops. :(