Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Salvage notes

Gears can disappear while fighting on third floor Bhaflau. Confirm? Ok, well that is confirmed, and actually it is the fourth floor. Probably need more DD by this time if we want to farm them for the Rampart on this level. They seem to try to warp out at 20%, probably need a stun or a big skillchain at 20%. We weren't even able to kill one of the gears before they warped out. We did take down the Archaic Chariot on the fourth floor but it was a bit of a struggle. We didn't have anywhere as good drops as we did on my first run and many more people still needed a lot of unlocks. We also ended up skipping some of the drop mobs on the second floor because they were Wandering Wamoura and we didn't want to deal with the AoE. The goal for the run was to farm some gears, oh well, still haven't seen a card drop or any other such thing yet. Here are some maps I have put together since doing a couple of Bhaflau runs. Bhaflau West is the easiest route to take to get well equipped on the first floor. It drops weapons and equipment much earlier on, and its easier to get through. The real decision comes on floor 2. This map is for Bhaflau West on floor 2, but I would suggest taking East if you are heading up to the boss. This is because the mobs on the East side are easier for heading up to the boss. Yes, the Wamoura are very squishy but they also seem harder to crowd control and are true sound. Once you have cleared these two floors you need to decide what you are going to do with the time you have left. Either the boss or farming. 100 minutes really isn't that much time. 120 minutes would have been much more advantageous to doing many of these runs. It looks like we are heading to fight the boss the next time we go which should be cool. Really need to move on /DRK. Probably more later.

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