Tuesday, January 23, 2007

More distractions.

I still have a bunch of real life distractions limiting my game play until the end of the month so another short game update before onto rampant speculation. Yesterday, I got a decent party on my DRK, sure the prediction of getting to level 30 was a bit much, but I had hoped to get more than 25 before Limbus, but at least I am close to 26. I also leveled my RNG after limbus and am not half way to 64, but that seems to be slow going too. I have noticed that there are some areas where it is difficult to find the proper mobs to fight and that even one level, this is especially true at level 50. Where there are several good camps from 48-50 but if one person in the party hits 51 then the xp drop is huge. Now, this presents an interesting situation in how people interpret the game. The idea that parties must somehow always be within a three level spread is actually incorrect, the real problem is when one member of the party is too high for the mobs that you are camping. In the case above you could have 6 level 50 people fighting certain mobs and getting good xp but if one person hits 51, then the xp will drop. No amount of keeping levels of the party close together will prevent the fact that one member is now too high for the mobs in question. And a party of 4 or even 5 level spread wont matter very much especially at higher levels as long as the highest person in the party doesn't make the mobs too low of a level to xp on. Remember the general rule is that melee can be higher than mages in level if you want to overcamp, but it shouldn't be the other way around until the melee are capable of doing enough damage to take out the mob in a reasonable amount of time.

Anyway, enough on my dissertation on leveling, last night I also did Limbus, as usual. It was Temenos Central First Floor, matching pairs of mobs that are strengthened when their partner is defeated, so the idea is kill off the matched pair at as close to the same time if not at the same exact time. The only problem with this is that all of the mobs have a very large auto-regen, so its hard to keep them in low enough to be -ga'ed to death at the same time. Well, its not that hard and even if one of them dies before the other they are still relatively easy to beat if they are at 1% left. This floor also takes less than 20 minutes if you do it this way, but sadly the drops from Temenos is generally limited and some of the floors only have 1 chest so only 1-2 AF items at most, turned out to be SAM a piece I already have. Well, it was a quick win. It turns out that after I had to leave the computer right after the run because of needing to take care of some real life business one of the coins distributed to me, which caused some spazzing but I after I got back I didn't really understand the issue because they could have just given me one less coin for the run. I mean I had to leave for a real life concern and real life is more important than the game, right? Right? LOL

After I got back, Glacian and I leveled NIN and RNG for a while, then Glacian had to go to bed and our THF was really bad (how do you get above 60 and not know how to use Trick Attack to set hate?) so we regrouped and picked up Illius and Iceblazek and the party got a lot better, not that Glacian was doing a bad job at all, in fact quite the contrary, I don't know how Glacian was keeping hate with what seemed like the THF intentionally trying to make things harder for him. LOL Anyway, still didn't manage to get to 64 on RNG but I am getting closer.

Tonight should be a very interesting night, and I hope to get to level 64 at least on RNG and then maybe some more on DRK too, probably a bit too ambitious but I like to have plans for many things even if I don't achieve them all because at least I will know which direction I should be headed.

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Leana said...

yeah Dynamis Xarcabard was great
DL went down so fast I didn't even get teh chance to CS stun the bastard lol

but it was a really fun run ^^