Thursday, December 07, 2006

Why trying to get multiple jobs to 75 at once is unsustainable.

Its not because of the money, although the money is tight, especially with leveling RNG where you can blow through stacks and stacks of arrows in a normal party. Yeah, don't even get me started on that. I think I need to figure out how to save money at higher levels, using Scorpion Arrows for building TP then using a better arrow for WS. I don't have to worry about that for a while though, because Scorpion Arrows are still the best arrows available for a 49 RNG. Yep, got to 49 last night. I have a picture of it, but I forgot to download it again. >.< Not a whole lot happened last night so I just went to bed, LOL. I didn't think anyone was that interested in seeing one shot of me getting 49 on RNG and a shot of us not doing the Bugbear ENM... yeah, I will get to that later. But back to RNG for a moment, I am thinking of moving over from Bow and Arrow to Crossbow and Bolts. It is profoundly cheaper, and with Holy Bolts I think I could keep up damage wise. I definitely need to research this some more and I also need to level my Marksmanship which is woefully underleveled, as I have been focusing on Archery for most of the time I have been a RNG because I originally only intended for it to be for SAM/RNG. I didn't think I would like it this much, LOL. I currently have the best crossbow I can get for the level, which is a Thug's Zamburak then at level 50 the Arbalest +1 is the way to go then the Armbrust is available at level 58 but I am going to skip that for two levels where the Heavy Crossbow +1 becomes available. The problem is that at 60, the Selene's Bow becomes available which is a very, very good Bow, and is probably better than Crossbow for at least a couple of levels before I would have access to an Othinus' Bow. Still need to camp for Selene's Bow and Othinus' Bow. Now, you may ask why I am avoiding Guns and Bullets in this discussion, I am doing that for three reasons. First, its very expensive, although I would not have to have the status bolts that Crossbow have available, bullets are just plain expensive. Second, I already pull hate a lot with Bow, so I don't know if it would be that much better to have more hate from using a Gun. Third, I just don't have the space for all my arrows for SAM and RNG, for all the bolts for my crossbow and bullets for Gun. Sadly, if I continue to level COR this will be all but an inevitability. I think this is the clincher for why I will go with Crossbow it is an amazing Bolt for weapon skills and it doesn't require me to change nations away from Bastok, my home. :)

This kind of brings me to the point of this post, I have too much crap. Its funny because you would think the higher level you get the more stuff you would need, but in truth more and more things tend to overlap for jobs at level 75. Rings, Earrings, Necks, Belts, etc. they all overlap on most of the higher level jobs. The problem with leveling is that very little overlaps for my mid-level jobs. I need to get my WAR to level 55 so that I can use my Spike Earrings because that would give me two new spots in my Mog House. 60 is even more space loosened, 70 even more more and then 75 has a lot of overlap with NIN, SAM and DRG. So I need to try to level them even more quickly, LOL. RNG and SAM already have a bunch of overlap but it would be much better once it gets to 75 too. Maybe inventory space should be my new excuse not to level mage jobs, because there is no overlap between those jobs. LOL The funny thing is that every weekend I try to resort my inventory, but its all in vain as I am totally stuffed again by Wednesday night. Oh well, LOL at least in the upcoming update there will be a Mog Locker expansion. I don't care how much it will cost, I am totally getting it. I am also eying expanding the storage in my home nation so I need to buy some furniture, but I want to do it cost effectively, and its probably time to get rid of that crazy painting I got in Windurst or where ever like 2 years ago. LOL

Thats it for today, I think, everyone have fun!

Oh! The non-ENM. LOL Well we decided to do Bionic Bug, which was a good idea. Some people needed to get their Sylvan Stones, so we farmed for a little while, then went to trade them in, where I accidentally warped myself to the BC but lost the key item to go in. >.< But I tried to direct everyone else to the BC, but it didn't go so well. They weren't able to activate the bridge to get to the path to the BC because of some gates, etc. It was kind of annoying and it was really late so everyone gave up, but I was still abandoned at the BC... so I just picked one of the solo ENM's and died rather slowly actually to the Automaton. I could have easily beaten it if I had a level 60 Great Katana. LOL Oh well, I will definitely have to give it a try. :)


Slickdarula said...


Your on the right track about the bow, especially if your saving gillz. I think bow is awsome, especially with the combination of Acid and Holy Bolts, because i will start off with Acid, then when i get the Def down effect, switch to Holy. Not only are you helping the dmg on your bolts, but your benefiting the entire party as well!.

I personally use bolts mostly in party, especially now since the ranger nerf isn't that bad. I can fight point-blank to an enemy and still do nice damage.(of course, I back-up to do sidewinder/slug shot) E.Bow and and S.Bow is also nice, and sometimes if i want to just do huge E-peen damage i will switch to gun, but I am totally for the Crossbow and bolt combo.

Ringthree said...

Do you think that the lower damage rating on the bolts is made up by the Holy added effect on Holy Bolts? Should I start investing in MND+ gear? I mean there isn't a whole lot available on the gear at my level but AF and higher it starts to be available. I need to take another peak at the Ranger AF.

Slickdarula said...

thats a good question. I have never actually invested into MND+ gear for rng, But i will say, when i got 75 and equip the Osode, I noticed a increase in the effect damage. So yes that could be true. Never really thought to test out by increasing my MND, and since i have crazy RACC i can afford to take off a few things to test it out.

There is not a lot of people that I know that has a 75 rng that use the crossbow. Hell, I don't know alot of rangers that use crossbow period. Its either archery, but more than likely, they are wielding the all time favorite, Hellfire.

Now for investing, you are probably at lvl 49-50, you really want to keep your investments in the ACC until you get the rng to 56-58? I don't remember when you get the rng body, but i think has 10+ ranged acc. and you have that neck item, the specs, i don't know what lvl that is. Just have room to play with MND+ and RACC so u don't miss so much (U know us elvaan are blind!) Send me /tell in game i can tell you some good setups with RNG if your interested.

Queen of the Mages

Slickdarula said...

Also to answer your other question, I don't think we do as much damage arrow for arrow, but i think overtime we are very close to hitting with the gun. The gun is much slower and we can get off 1.5/1 between crossbow/gun so overtime, i think crossbow owns.

Anonymous said...

gear overlap at higher lvls....

hah depends on what type of job you got that high,

my rdm and PLD don't overlap at all XD
but you are right, but you should also add the fat that overlapping depends on Job type as well *grin*

Anonymous said...

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