Friday, December 08, 2006

Busy like a bumble bee.

I was really busy yesterday, hardly in the game at all so no update there. I am still really busy today so no real update, but when you don't have anything to say for a blog, just post some comments!

So in continuing the RNG discussion this is the conversation I had with Slickdarula in the comments section:

Slickdarula said...


Your on the right track about the bow, especially if your saving gillz. I think bow is awsome, especially with the combination of Acid and Holy Bolts, because i will start off with Acid, then when i get the Def down effect, switch to Holy. Not only are you helping the dmg on your bolts, but your benefiting the entire party as well!.

I personally use bolts mostly in party, especially now since the ranger nerf isn't that bad. I can fight point-blank to an enemy and still do nice damage.(of course, I back-up to do sidewinder/slug shot) E.Bow and and S.Bow is also nice, and sometimes if i want to just do huge E-peen damage i will switch to gun, but I am totally for the Crossbow and bolt combo.

Ringthree said...

Do you think that the lower damage rating on the bolts is made up by the Holy added effect on Holy Bolts? Should I start investing in MND+ gear? I mean there isn't a whole lot available on the gear at my level but AF and higher it starts to be available. I need to take another peak at the Ranger AF.
Slickdarula said...

thats a good question. I have never actually invested into MND+ gear for rng, But i will say, when i got 75 and equip the Osode, I noticed a increase in the effect damage. So yes that could be true. Never really thought to test out by increasing my MND, and since i have crazy RACC i can afford to take off a few things to test it out.

There is not a lot of people that I know that has a 75 rng that use the crossbow. Hell, I don't know alot of rangers that use crossbow period. Its either archery, but more than likely, they are wielding the all time favorite, Hellfire.

Now for investing, you are probably at lvl 49-50, you really want to keep your investments in the ACC until you get the rng to 56-58? I don't remember when you get the rng body, but i think has 10+ ranged acc. and you have that neck item, the specs, i don't know what lvl that is. Just have room to play with MND+ and RACC so u don't miss so much (U know us elvaan are blind!) Send me /tell in game i can tell you some good setups with RNG if your interested.

Queen of the Mages
Slickdarula said...

Also to answer your other question, I don't think we do as much damage arrow for arrow, but i think overtime we are very close to hitting with the gun. The gun is much slower and we can get off 1.5/1 between crossbow/gun so overtime, i think crossbow owns.

I think this clinches it for me. Going to go Holy Bolt/Crossbow. There is good mind gear at 75 that I already have some of like Suzaku Sune-ate. Borin uses this set up and he has amazing damage.

I will try to make a weekend post to make up for the lack of a real post today. It sucked that I had to miss Limbus yesterday... >.<


Anonymous said...

go bow
xbow is SHIT

Nivaud said...

The Busy Bees© post title was exercised by myself two post ago. The cease and desist order is in the mail.

Thank you.