Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Ranger gear sucks.

I got to RNG 48 last night and my conclusion ultimately is this: RNG gets no decent gear until 60. I mean it is just a joke, outside of my Bow and Arrows I haven't changed my gear since level 30. Maybe a tweak or two in the rings, but thats about it. Being the gear aficionado that I am, this is quite distressing, at least AF is coming up and some of the RNG AF isn't bad, especially the body piece, which looks really cool anyway and the +10 Ranged Accuracy can't be beat. . But the Hunter's Jerkin is just one more piece of equipment I will be wearing for a super long time. I would really like to get a Shikaree Aketon which would nicely filled the gap between level 50 and 58 where I would get the Hunter's Jerkin and would also be a nice Sidewinder macro piece until much later. And unlike that picture, it can now be worn by RNG and COR which would make it nice for my future COR. I have killed a lot of Fomor Rangers but never once seen it drop. I might try to go and get it again today as I am not going to Dynamis.

I got to 48 on RNG in a pretty decent party, as opposed to all of the other parties I have been getting lately. I might have some time to try to get to 50 tonight, and I might not. One can only hope, I usually default to just partying even when there are other things that I want to get done. Partying is the thing I like most in this game, but everyone already knows this. If I do get level 50 tonight, I am still going to have to wait for the full moon cycle to start my AF, because I haven't gotten the Sniping Bow (the Bow of Suck) yet, which is my AF weapon.

Anyway, we were partying in Garliage Citadel, which was very nice even with two parties in the basement because we were just pulling the bats with a RNG and DRG in the party so we were flying through them because they are weak to piercing. While we were there, BBQ got claim on Serket over the RMT, and any human that gets claim over RMT is a good thing. They took it down pretty quickly even with the RMT trying to mess with them.

Also while in that party, we discovered Elfaria's real roll in the world.
We should be hearing some more about the upcoming update any day now, as the update can't be more than a week or so away. I also really need to try doing the Ashu Talif missions again, so whoever offered to give some advice on that mission last week, please offer it up again, I would really appreciate it, as I believe that we are really close to being able to beat it but just getting overwhelmed right at the end.

And now for an added bonus: I am going to give my wish list for RNG gear, now I am not only doing this for you guys, but I am doing it for myself because I haven't really looked that hard at what is available. This is not like WAR where SAM overlaps somewhat so its easy to guess what I need. RNG is more like THF in what they have available, but has a slightly different focus. I am going to work on this and edit this post later so that you can read it now. :)

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