Friday, December 01, 2006

To noob or not to noob.

Yesterday was a pretty regular day in Vana'diel. Sky got some gems and I got to test out my spiffy new Koga Chainmail I like it alot. A little bit better for TP build and much better for tanking, without the minus to evasion. Once I get my Brutal Earring I will have gotten rid of all of the minus evasion gear that I use on NIN.

Limbus another Omega win. We should have been able to to farm Omega for another Gunpod, because we killed it at 10 minutes when we could have waited for 5 minutes for it to pop its last Gunpod, but one of the members of the LS was freaking out about holding it when we had already done so last week. I especially don't understand because we had no trouble at all holding it, even after a double hate reset. I did have problems holding the Gunpods after they popped though, even though I am getting better at predicting when they are going to pop and being ready to claim. Twice I had it targeted and tried to voke it but the voke would not go off, not even the "You can't use that ability now," thing. Like I was just mashing voke and it wouldn't go off for 2-3 seconds, Vesp and Omoi suggested that it might just be the built in claiming delay but I have seen that and it was way longer than that. I don't know what to make of it. Speaking of Omoi, she couldn't get into the Omega fight yesterday, for some reason there was a glitch and she couldn't get into the fight. That really sucked. >.< Yushis said that it has happened before, and actually I have seen a similar thing happen with a whole party at Divine Might. This time from the Gunpods we got 10 coins, 2 chips and an Oxblood. So now from farming Gunpods we have gotten a full Omega set. I can't believe that person was screaming to kill Omega when we get so much from so little effort of killing the Gunpods.

After Limbus, Glacian, Iceblazek and I went to level Nin, Rng and Blm. For this party we had a level 41 WHM, and this WHM was a newb, not a noob. Although, he did try to follow the person that was checking Secret Room for camps and ended up getting himself killed he did not complain, and even offered to Home Point. I found our newb a nice raise and we were able to party again. He had all of his spells for the level he was at (for example Erase which used to be a big deal for WHM's to have below 50) and he did his job diligently. No foul language, or bitching about other people. This guy was nice, helpful and generally cheerful. We were supposed to go to Revelation Rock in Altepa, but he did not have the crystal yet. So today when I get home I am going to take him to go do that. I think any newb, that doesn't act like a noob deserves the help of those that hate noobs. We need to cultivate the newbs to prevent their twisting into noobishness. ^.^/

Well, in this party I got to level 43,
and now I am seriously thinking about what gear I am going to need to pick up for my RNG. There are a couple of things that I know that I want. Selene's Bow would be very nice and is relatively easy to get, sure it is not a Eurytos' Bow but I have heard that it is close, and it is probably the third best bow after the E Bow and Cerberus Bow +1. I also would like to get an Othinus' Bow, which is also rather easy to come by, 2 hour NM, well most of the time, as I have heard that Wyvernpoacher Drachlox can take up to 4 hours to spawn. I think I generally prefer Archery over Marksmanship, but I could pretty easily make a Holy Bolts build because I already have Suzaku's Sune-ate. I think that my Elvaan STR and my STR merits plays more to Archery than Marksmanship, though. For the rest though, RNG has some interesting options, and not all of them are clear cut. You can start expecting an equipment wish list for RNG soon enough. LOL.

I can't believe I have done it again though, I am really liking RNG right now, and I still want to level WAR, and COR just got a bit of boost in interest because of SE's newest job adjustments.

Corsair Adjustments

Corsair adjustments in the upcoming version update will mainly focus on the Quick Draw ability. Also, with the addition of the Rapid Shot job trait, ranged attacks will become a more viable combat tool for the Corsair.

Quick Draw Accuracy
A corsair's AGI will now affect the accuracy of Quick Draw. This will make it possible to improve the accuracy of Quick Draw by increasing the relevant attributes.

Quick Draw Recast Time
The recast time for Quick Draw will be reduced from 3 minutes to 1 minute.
In accordance with this change, the Group 1 merit point ability Quick Draw Recast will now reduce recast time by 2 seconds instead of 6 seconds.

Light Shot and Dark Shot
Light Shot and Dark Shot will be changed to have the following enfeebling effects instead of inflicting damage:

- Light Shot: Sleep
- Dark Shot: Dispel

*The Quick Draw additional effect of increasing the potency of enfeebling effects will remain unchanged.
Now this is fantastic. This is how Corsair should have been set up to begin with. Basically before they were a gimp RNG and a BRD, without some of the better songs. They really needed a Dispel to even things out. They will never compete with a RDM or a BRD for shear quality of buffs or debuffs (not Haste, no real debuffs, etc.) but they will be able to fill that coveted roll of support job which is usually the hardest slot to fill in a party. So, looks like the COR is going to be pulled out the Mog House again.

SE looks like it is also giving a nice big boost to PLD also, by chaning Sentinel and Rampart to have a much larger defensive effect, including damage reduction, hate retention and basically a stoneskin against magic damage. This sounds very good, but I think they need to consider adjusting the duration or the recast time of these abilities to make them more useful. BLU and PUP also get a nice shot in the arm. BLU's getting even more dispels and healing spells, while PUP is getting high level WS for there Automaton. PUP was definitely in need of a boost, but it seems like BLU is the favored child of SE and is getting more boosts to an already powerful job. In addition to this DRK is getting a reduction in Absorb spell cast times, which although not a large change is still significant.

I am really looking forward to more information on Salvage, and I will discuss this as soon as it is available.


Leana said...

yeah I'm looking forward to that PLD update as well,

holding hate will be made easier, :)
I think I'll dust off my PLD after the update and goof around with you guys in Sky again

Anonymous said...

congrats on nin relic body.