Thursday, November 30, 2006

A good day in Dynamis.

So, I stayed a little late at work yesterday to watch the bids on Koga Chainmail, because if I left at my normal time I would not be home in time when the bids closed and I didn't want to get sniped. I knew that I would not be able to beat Tohmane's huge amount of points so I was only aiming for second. I wish I could have talked to them about it before hand because there were other people bidding up and to stay second I had to bid past Tohmane to get my bid up then Tohmane would have to bid past me again to become first again. This on the other hand may have worked to my advantage, unintentionally.

So off to Beaucedine we went. I went as SAM/RNG for the first time, just to try it out in Dynamis. I have heard the suggestion that SAM/RNG is good for the city Dynamis runs, but I didn't hear about too many people trying it out in the Outlands, maybe because of lack of accuracy or because of tradition, but they must not have been eating Sushi. My accuracy was surprisingly good even on NM's. Another thing that I found weird was that it seemed my damage got better the further into the run we were. Probably can just chalk that one up to randomness, but I was able to conclude that SAM/RNG is very good for Dynamis. I am going to test out some other set ups, and see how good I can get this, and I dont know if I will bring it to Xarcabard, and definitely not on Dynamis Lord runs (which I haven't gotten to do yet). While I was messing around before the run, I was just testing out my Sidewinders on a few Too Weak mobs around the Trail Markings and this is the highest damage I got. I dont know how much damage they are capable but when I got that close to 2k damage I was pretty impressed. I know RNG's can probably do a ton more damage, but it was still nice to see.

Anyway on to Dynamis. We went in and almost immediately had a DRK drop, which is usually an indication of a really good run, with at least a couple AF drops. If we don't get a drop by the time we have cleared the first set of Yagudo NM's then its not going to be a good run for drops. Pretty early into the run a suit of Koga Chainmail dropped and that went to Tohmane. It was nice to see them get it, I generally approve when anyone gets items, especially someone like that because they have worked a long time to get that many points. I also liked the fact that I was next in line ^.^ But I have been second alot and not had a second one drop (hell, I have been first alot, and not seen that first one drop) so I got my hopes up a little but not too much. I didn't need to worry about it for too long though. Kill shot on the drop! Now thats calling your shot. :) I wanted to make sure I had extra space before I lotted so I dumped a stack of Demon Arrows. >.< Ouchies. LOL but I wanted to make sure that I was set on space, just a little bit of paranoia there. We had cruised through Beaucedine because a couple of people needed the win, so we got near the end and had a ton of time left, which meant that we were going to pull Orc Dyanmis Tombstones. Which was fun because of the mass charmga but we didn't end up accomplishing much. After we were done messing around with the Orc's we went and got the win. I immediately went back to the Mog House and switched over to NIN so I could try on my Koga Chainmail. :)

After that I wanted to show Omoi before she logged so I headed outside to show her, and while I was standing around I saw a friend and said Hi, and it turned out that he was dashing off to try to fight Cerberus. So, I followed along just to see some people fight him, as I had never seen a Gates of Hades go off and its supposed to be pretty devastating. When I showed up it turned out that TeamKanican already had claim and they had two NIN/DRK's tanking it pretty effectively. Apparently Cerberus is not very accurate because they were tanking it in Scorpion Harnesses instead of the normal damage reduction gear, and they were doing a mighty find job of it. They didn't have very many people, and the only melee were the two NIN's. Turns out they didn't need much more than that because only a few more BLM's showed up and they took Cerberus down pretty effectively, and I did not see one Gates of Hades go off, which was good for them but bad for me because I just wanted to see the move go off. LOL I didn't see Cerberus try to spam Gates of Hades though either, so maybe it just wasn't inclined to do that today or maybe its because they weren't giving it as much TP or something else. One of the TK BRD's had this which probably helped make things easier on them. LOL Yeah, that is mighty impressive. Hard to run out of MP with that much Refresh all the time.

I pretty much went to bed after that, but I am hoping to level RNG with Glacian and Iceblazek today after Sky and Limbus. I would really like to get to 50 soon so that I can start getting AF!

Addendum: Fuzzball sent me an IM this morning reminding me that while I was charmed, he got off a Shadowbind on me, then landed an 1100+ Barrage, but I managed to survive with 6 HP. Sadly, Fuzzball was killed shortly after by a mob of angry charmed players and was not able to finish the job, and I survived to live another day. :)


Slickdarula said...

congrats on the Chainmail!

Bgalvin said...

I called the Chainmail! Grats Ring.

Lots of ppl seem to think Glac beastmen are harder just cause it's Glac. But in my experience they are identical to the city beastmen( just don't like to drop AF). So a job like SAM/RNG should be just as effective there. Looked like it was ^^.