Monday, December 04, 2006

And now for your enjoyment...

So, I have been leveling a couple of different jobs lately. Mostly RNG and COR. Both of which are causing me a bit of humor, I guess I will start with RNG. Which I just got to level 45 on. I am currently leveling this with a random conglomeration of friends, not quite a static, not quite chaos. Included are Glacian on his NIN, Iceblazek on his BLM, Elfaria on RDM, and Borin on his THF. This causes much comedy, as when Glacian dies, and we can all poke the dead body. I am really liking RNG right now, very fun, and nice to have good players to party with pretty regularly. RNG is a little expensive, but the lack of gear makes up for the money I have dumped into ammo. I need ten more levels to get to Sidewinder and Slugshot, but I am hoping they come relatively quickly. I am pretty busy so its kinda hard to level it as much as I want to, and my WAR is still languishing at level 50, and my COR is now happily at 15. All three of which I am very interested in leveling more. orz The beauty of leveling. If anyone would like to suggest which one I should focus on, or even if I should focus on something else like WHM, then leave me a message and I will consider it.

Speaking of my poor COR, I dont know what the freaking deal is so far, but I seem to just be getting parties like this lately: So yeah, I have been doing a lot of soloing on Corsair, and let me tell you, XP ring + COR roll = WAY better than the party shown above. Well, at least in that party I was able to determine that you can only have one of a type of roll up at once, I don't know if a better roll overwrites a worse roll or the most recent roll taking precedence, my guess is that it is the latter. I just go Chaos Roll which does have a nice added benefit and when stacked with mithkabobs does a noticeable increase of damage even at level 15. I haven't decided if Hunter's Roll and Chaos Roll is better than Chaos Roll and Corsair Roll. Got some time to work that out and I was doing a lot of testing last night. And then you need to factor in a whole lot of other things, like what you roll is and also whether you should roll again, because a bust really sucks. I found a nice chart that lists the statistical probabilities of the best outcomes and suggests whether you should roll again, and I am usually even more conservative than that. Even an unlucky roll is better than a bust.

Onto WAR, I haven't leveled it in a while, but that does not mean that I have been ignoring it. Omoi and I collected all the keys that I need for the AF coffers and other assorted bits for the quests. For my WAR feet (the nice Enhances "Double Attack" effect ones) I had to collect an egg from a nasty little Quadav in Palbourgh Mines. Azeryus tried to Hundred Fists it, but right when she started it Invincibled, and we all laughed hardily as she went crazy on the Quad without doing any damage. LOL But the poor Quadav couldn't hold out for long and was summarily destroyed by Azy as soon and Invincible was over. After that I headed back to Bastok to talk to Deidogg and got my Fighter's Calligae can't even wear them anymore but it will be nice to not have to wear my silly Leaping Boots anymore.

Now to the random assortment of other events of the weekend.

Dynamis-Bubumiru: Not so good.

Assault: Only the second time I have seen something this nice drop out of an Assault. The Storm Loop being the best drop so far. The Spectacles would be better if everyone wasn't completely attached to the Chiv. Chain. Now they are only 300k, compared to the several million they used to go for.

Finally there is this, a quaint religious discussion we had with Elfaria this weekend:

And that is, what they say is, that. Lumbus tonight, I think its a Metal Chip run, but I can't remember exactly.

Oh and one last thing I missed, I got my ninth merit again and am putting that into STR, based STR 79 now. o.o; Only nine more merits then I am going to start meriting SAM, which also had a nice interesting development over the weekend. I have "acquired" a Hagun on a permanent basis. WOOT! Now, meriting is going to be even harder to decide. They really need to fix the merit abilities so that I can get more than 12. In fact I was talking to Vesp about this the other day. I think they should make it so that no matter what merits you have you can get 8 levels of merits for the main hand and 4 levels for the off hand. This would cap at 8 and 4 no matter what you were using. So even if you were using Axe/Axe or Sword/Sword it would still be 8/4 levels, this shouldn't be difficult because they are able to assign that difference now with different weapons in each hand. This would kind of be a "nerf" for Axe/Axe WAR's and Sword/Sword PLD's but PLD's have the A+ skill to support it, and Axe/Axe WAR's would at least be put on the same level of Ridill WAR's because Ridill WAR's wont be able to go 4/8 Axe/Sword which is just one of the ways that Ridill WAR's are totally broken. MNK's would be the only DD that wouldn't be "nerfed" by this because they would get 8 levels in both hands because its considered one weapon, not two.

Well, that was a nice little tangent. See you tomorrow.


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