Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A hard day in Vana'diel.

Yesterday wasn't the best day in Vana'diel. Sometimes things just don't work out, as evidenced by the parties that we had yesterday. orz

Well, let me step back a moment. As soon as I logged on, I ran over to Gustav Tunnel to help Gordor and Tamarisk get their Evisceration quest finished. On the way I got this great screenshot of a night in Valkurm Dunes. Just another beautiful scene in Vana'diel. I really love how the moon looks in this shot. The fight was pretty easy and uneventful, and Gordor and Tama ran off to Khazam to get their weaponskill. :)

Shortly after that, Omoi logged over to Kirameki and we tried to level WAR and BRD before Limbus. orz How does a PLD get to level 50 and not know how to cast spells. Not one flash, not one cure, they just voked once and used ZERO MP. We ended up wiping and that was the end of that party pretty quick. At least on the way to camp I did see Arrow on his PLD with his totally hot Aegis. We left with much less xp than we brought to the party. We needed to get to Limbus anyway. LOL Limbus was another Omega. Two crafting pieces >.< a SMN AF piece that was auto-distributed >.<; and 5 coins ^.^ from them Gunpods. Omega dropped two tail pieces, for two sets of Homam Gambieras.
After Limbus, Glacian and I went to go level NIN and RNG. Poor, poor Glacian... LOL SOMEONE suggested that we should pull a Knight Crawler... LOL Anyway, this party was pretty good but we didn't have enough mobs, and so we pulled some pretty tough Dragonfly's but nothing we couldn't handle, but on the last one the WHM ran into range and got pummeled by at least a couple Cursed Spheres. I had no idea why they were standing in range, but they died then home pointed midfight. Mind boggling really. Oh well, that was the end of that party. I did manage to get to 46 on RNG though.

At least at this point the string of bad parties ended, I still wanted to get something done as the day hadn't been all that great. So we hopped back onto WAR and BRD and put our flags up, and after a couple of minutes I thought we should just head to bed, but just then we got invites separately to the same party. It was an invite from Tarkan an old friend who I hadn't seen in a while, and some other people in BBQ. The party was nice and got decent XP, and Kira finally got to level 50 on BRD! Yay! AF Time! Silly hats FTW!

Sometime during the day, I dump my 9 merits into STR. 79 base STR. Yummy!

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