Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Yesterday was a pretty busy day. My Limbus LS has finally spent all of its Omega sets and we are going to be focusing on Temenos and Ultima for a while it appears. So we did a Central Temenos 3rd floor run. This involves killing a bunch of beastmen and like Dynamis beastmen they all have 2 hour abilties. There were even Wootz Quadavs! WOOTZ! Hehehe. Ultimately the goal is to killed three beastmen NM's. First we fought the Orc which was a PLD, nothing too difficult, and it went down relatively quickly. Then we had to fight a WHM Quadav, which we had to pull to the other side of the room to make sure that it didn't wake up the SMN Yagudo. Again, the Quadav was pretty easy, all we had to deal with was the Benediction and it was quickly dispatched. The SMN Yagudo was a bit more difficult though. It had a very strong Carbuncle Astral Flow, which knocked down a few of the DD's and mages. Luckily, I had Light Carrol on and although it did a little over 1k in damage, it didn't take me or the other tank down. After the Astral Flow it didn't take much to finish up and get the treasure chest. Quite a few coins but only one WHM AF upgrade piece, orz. I would be nice to get a SAM or NIN piece. :) I think I would go with hands for both of them, or maybe legs for SAM. Not horribly pressed for either, but it would be nice to get rid of my extra piece. LOL

After Limbus, I went to check to see if Hydra was up, not really expecting it to be, but much to my surprise it was. So we gather some people together to try it, and I was quite pleasantly surprised by the result. In total, I think we only got about 9 people to Hydra just because of delays and because Vesp wanted to do a Brenner in just a little bit, so we had to rush it a bit. I was surprised at how easy it was to tank on NIN/WAR, it didn't hit that hard and its AoE although a bit nasty, didn't have the "ZOMG Alliance Wipe!" kick to them that a lot of other HNM's have. We got a couple of Barofields, but nothing too bad, but with only one WHM it was hard to keep up with the damage, considering we only had a WHM and BLM we lasted for quite a while. After a short time we were able to knock one of its heads off. Then shortly there after Aable was, well... able, to use Mighty Strikes and knock the other head off, but of course died shortly there after. The main problem we had was just the healing, with only one WHM and no real refresh Vesp just couldn't keep up with the damage being taken. And then we were dead. We got it down to 88% when we wiped with 9 people. I think we will be able to take this when we get a full alliance. Just need to get people over the fact that its not the really the HNM's that are that hard, just getting claim, and if you don't have to compete for claims then they actually aren't all that bad.

You may be wondering why we were going after Hydra? Well, we were going after this: You may say to yourself, whats so great about that? Well, after an almost fully upgraded Relic Axe, this is the highest damage Axe in the game for BST. It has the same effect as a Company Sword, more people in a party means more base damage, up to 53 base damage with 6 people in a party. Now, sure BST's don't party much, LOL, but still its pretty damn impressive and it was worth the shot.

Well, after all of that, I switched over to SAM/RNG and did some uncapped Brenner. In which Izman cheats, I totally had him out of MP and ready to eat another Sidewinder, when I get a Spirits Within to the face. orz


Nivaud said...

Um, as far as I know Sirius Axe only drops off of Dragonscaled Bugaal Ja, not Hydra. Hydra srops scales, fang, and the stupid berserker torque.

Ringthree said...

For nivaud: