Monday, December 11, 2006


Well, I had a really hectic weekend, but I think things are getting back to normal so I was able to play a little last night. Lets see, I leveled RNG for a while again last night, and got level 50. Amazingly enough even though Glacian and I don't level together all the time, even though we are trying to stick together, we were able to level at the same exact time. LOL I think I am going to get a War Bow +1 and a Arbalest +1 today and that should carry me through to level 60. I am also going to level my Marksmanship up a reasonable level and start using it in XP parties. I already gain TP way faster than everyone else in my XP parties so a few more misses isn't going to hurt until I can get my Marksmanship up to level.

I have decided that I am going to level DRK for a subjob for my NIN. After watching TeamKanican take down Cerberus with so few people has convinced me of the hate holding ability of NIN/DRK, and so did watching Enriquez and Kitsume hold Proto-Omega and get hate back immidiately after a double Colossal Blow. Speaking of Cerberus, I was able to watch BBQ Platinum take the big doggy down for a while, but sadly I still haven't seen it Gates of Hades. I heard that one or two of them went off but I had to long out for a while when they happened. Not that I want anything bad to happen to anyone but it would be neat to see what one of these looked like going off. On a side note, we had about 5 people out at Cerberus just watching, and we were going to actually try it for a while if it was going to go unclaimed again. I think we had NIN, WAR, RDM, RDM, BLM. I think with that group we could have held him for a while, obviously not enough people to kill it, but I think we would have been pretty good for a while. Cerberus doesn't have a lot of nasty damage moves outside of Gates of Hades. Speaking of which, I am going to start looking at a Fire-resist build, just to play with it. Elemental-resist builds look like they can be VERY effective against some mobs. I had seen some pretty ridiculous screenshots of people taking 12 damage Stonega IV's with and Earth-resist build and other such silliness. I am not in an HNMLS right now, but I might want to be some day so I want to be ready.

I also started the second quest for my WAR AF. Talked to Deidogg again and he sent me to Behemoth's Dominion to fight some goblins that had stolen the AF piece from the San d'Orian's. So it was off to Qufim Island for a fight with three Goblins. This fight wasn't hard for 4 level 75's but I can see it being rather overwhelming if people had to do it as their first job, or imagine people doing it back in the day, when no one had level 75 jobs? It would have been pretty darn brutal.

At this point I am collecting my WAR AF so that check it basically, because I can't use it yet, but I will only be using my AF legs mainly, and maybe the hands, but I think I would rather go with either some Attack or Accuracy hands over more STR. But my RNG can benefit a lot more from AF. The body has a ton of Ranged Accuracy, the head has +5 Ranged Attack. The legs have +MND for Holy Bolts. I think I would like to get my Marksmanship up to 120+ before I start using it in XP parties. I think I would be OK at that point, as I have a ton of Ranged Accuracy and I eat Squid Sushi which should fill in the gap nicely. I am going to need to get my Bow of Suck soon, and there is a full moon today, but I don't know if it will still be up by the time I get home tonight, and I need to try to get it done before I have Limbus which appears to be a Temenos run, the first one I will be doing with ShutUpandDance.

And here is your quote for the day, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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