Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Hmmm, what is this?

More pictures, still no information about the update. Its getting really close to the time when they should be having the update and still no word on Salvage or the date of the download. I crave information like this, and they are being very stingy with handing it out. ; ; There was some information on the greatly expanded roll of the GM's. Item restoration, assistance when a zone goes down unexpectedly, generally a supposedly better attitude in general. We will see.

Anyway, yesterday I did a bit of leveling, first on my WAR because Omoi was able to get on Kirameki for a while. She has been questing a lot on Kirameki and leveling WHM so that we will be able to get to 75 without much delay, if we are ever able to XP together for more than 15 minutes without some kind of disaster happening. LOL I got to 51 on WAR. It seems like the progress is pretty slow right now, but things are really busy in general with the Holiday's coming up. Hopefully, once my break at work starts I will be able to dedicate a good chunk of hours to leveling and getting all of my AF done. Well, after Omoi had to log for the night, I headed back to grab her replacement and to switch over to RNG. We were in the Crawler's Nest and overcamping on Helm Beetle's so after Glacian, Gordor and I leveled we regrouped in Jeuno and headed to Kuftal Tunnel, where I was a bit worried about overcamping the Crabs, but it turned out to be perfect, chain 5 for 250+ at level 51 makes me a happy man.

In this party I started out with something like 93 Marksmanship skill and finished with 153 which is something like 8 under the cap for 51, and this leads me to believe that RNG gets access to too much accuracy. At level 50, I got Accuracy Bonus III which is +35 Accuracy and Ranged Accuracy, considering I can wear Ranged Accuracy rings that have - Accuracy on them and still hit very consistently, this might be just a bit overpowered. And also when I can do a barrage and get these kind of skill ups on a IT++ mob there might be a problem.

Dynamis-Xarcabard tonight. It's going to be interesting to say the least. Well, I only have bid on Wyrm Armet, I literally have never seen a Wyrm piece drop in either of the outlands, but they drop like mana from heaven when I am not there.

I feel like this is kind of a short entry but nothing too exciting happened yesterday, I am ready to jump on any new updates, but they need to come to me first. ; ;

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