Thursday, December 14, 2006

Can you feel the blackness in my heart? Only my blade can satiate my craving for the blood of my foes! And I did it all naked too!

LOL So, I finally opened DRK last night. Killed my requisite assortment of Bees, Worms and Saplings outside of Bastok to unlock my Chaosbringer. And I did it all naked as a newborn babe! After it was unlocked, I outposted to Derfland and ran down to Beadeaux meet up with Zeid, where he introduced me to the bleak and lonely path of the Dark Knight. Now I just need to get it to 37. ; ; More low level parties, and tons of PL'ed soloing, hopefully more of the latter, as Dunes Parties make the baby Jesus cry. I am really interested in trying out NIN/DRK, whether on Sky gods or on Limbus bosses. It should be fun and it will be nice to have an alternative option to work with. I have heard that its nice to have Byakko's Haidate for this set up, but then again, when is it not nice to have the Haidate? LOL I think I may have to look over my gear to make sure its well set up for this, and I would also like to put together some elemental resist gear for Sky gods, like a nice fire resist set up would be good for someone that has broken the bind on Suzaku or and Earth resist set up for straight tanking Kirin. orz More inventory space lost for sure. >.< I dont know what kind of effect this will have on -damage gear because it seems that it is in general much more difficult to land enfeebles on Sky Gods that it is on other HNM's, except for the enfeebles that are strong to the God's element. I am not sure of that of course, because of my limited HNM experience, but I believe that when we fought Hydra, we were able to debuff it pretty easily, and that was without trying very much. While landing a debuff on a Sky God is a herculean effort and a triumph when it has any real effect. I mean for example for a fire resist set up, I have read that the suggested body piece is Legionnare's Harness because it is the only body gear with fire resist on it. Similar situations occur with other resist set ups, including Beak and Feral gear.

Getting coffee back in a minute.

Ok, back.

My question is this: Is +5 Fire Resist worth losing the damage mitigation of an Arhat's Gi? The people I have been gleaning this information from (mostly TeamKanican but also others) usually have a huge number of stuns to sustain the tank when shadows are down, and for them the real fear is from the elemental TP moves. I wonder if PLD's should try taking this approach, as it would make the Assault Breastplate supremely attractive.

Well, enough of waxing esoteric on that subject matter, on to Dynamis-Xarcabard. Yesterday there was a little drama before the run, that was resolved very poorly. But onto the run, the run was decent, there were a couple of bad pulls, but we managed most of the time. The NM's were not very giving today as they are want to be. Someone once told me that the NM's have a 50% drop rate on their AF. That someone was lying to me. ; ; I can't say what the chances are but they are not good, as I believe only one, maybe two of the drops came from the NM's. We ended up getting BST, BRD and two RNG's, one of which went to me! ^.^/ I can't use it yet and the piece really isn't that great but it is a nice item to have as a goal for my RNG, and I am proud to have it. During Dynamis I was able to cap my GKT finally, which pleased Mr. Glacian quite a bit, I believe. Basically I only use Soboro to gain TP for Sidewinder because I was going as SAM/RNG, so I wasn't too horribly worried about it not being quite to cap because the base damage on Soboro is quite low... in fact two low for the NM's in Xarcabard. I found myself hitting for 0 far too often, generally defeating the purpose of using the Soboro to being with. So I will not be going as SAM/RNG to outlands runs anymore. It just isn't as effective as it needs to be. I will either go as SAM where I am a bit concerned about my role, I would definitely be going SAM/WAR in those situations, but I wonder how effective I will be, or I will go as old reliable DRG/SAM. I am leaning toward DRG/SAM, quick to build TP, Wheeling Thrust almost never misses and reliably does 500-600 damage, and I can save myself in a pinch.

Well, I have Limbus tonight, not too sure on the run yet, I will have to look up the schedule, but I know I will enjoy it. I will probably level RNG or WAR again today, and I HAVE to start my RNG AF because it is a full moon, and that is a requisite for finishing the quest. I probably should have started it yesterday but I should have no problem getting it done today.

Awww... look, Ice gave Obsidian's leader some huggles...


Willriker said...

the gear you see in those pictures are the AF's repainted. It takes a second look to notice it, but the elvaan is definately repainted DRG af, the galka is repainted MNK af, and the mythra is repainted BLU af.

Which leads me to wonder... are they releasing a level 75 JSE for each job that you can only get in salvage? I dont think they would give repainted BLU af to a NIN or PLD. They dont have any TRUE sets of 75 gear outside of Homam, to my immidiate knowledge. Maybey af2+1 is 75 gear, but i dont do dynamis and forget.

Something to ponder and drool over at the very least ;)

Iceblazek said...

huggles ftw

Slickdarula said...

Galka is MNK AF??! maybe nin af but not MNK that looks nothing like mnk af repainted. DRG AF, mehh.. I don't see that either. Maybe drk?? The Mithra i can see though.

I think its just gonna be new gear through Assault or something but yeah i think its still something to drool over!!

Willriker said...

it most definately is slick, go check out the BQ forums XD there are side by side pictures. They did an excellent job on the painting to mask the AF but it is never the less.