Friday, December 15, 2006

Finally, something to talk about, and more nakedness.

Ok, the new information about Salvage is out, and I have some things to say about it, but before that, yesterdays update.

First, it was finally a Full Moon at a convenient time, so I was able to start my RNG AF quest. But first I needed to head to Windurst to talk to Perih Vashai so that I could start the quest. After this Omoi and I were off to Ranguemont Pass where I heard the story of some strange being of darkness... that little dude is just freaky, very interesting but didn't have very much to do with the story at all. We ran into Gawayne collecting his Glitteringsand too, so we picked him up and killed a few Weapons until we had two drop then we headed out to Jugner Forest to meet up with Semih Lafihna and had a chance encounter with Shikaree M after a short (and a little confusing) confrontation we headed back to Windurst, where I received my Sniping Bow. (You can see a sneak peak of my nakedness here too ^.^/) Its not even worth mentioning the stats on the Sniping Bow, it sucks that bad. My level 30 +1 bow is better than this AF weapon, in fact this might actually the be first AF weapon that I throw away because it is so completely useless. I have started the quest for my Hunter's Beret but since it is level 54, I wasn't that pressed to get it before heading out to Limbus. It should be mentioned that the Hunter's Beret is something that I will be wearing full time, beside the +5 Ranged Attack, the +3 INT will help my Acid and Bloody Bolts effects land. My level 52 item is just the Hunter's Bracers and they pretty much suck too, besides the fact that I currently have WAR AF hands quest open right now, so I have to finish that first.

Now onto Limbus. We did Central Temenos - 1st Floor, which is basically 3 sets of paired mobs. When you kill one mob it makes the next mobs much more difficult, in fact I have heard that the Dragon becomes very difficult because it will spam Dragon moves like Body Slam which can devastate an alliance. So I suggested that we try to kill the mobs very close together in time or make sure to kill the stronger mob first. We ended up trying to kill them near the same time, with very good results. First, we took the ghost and pot pair. Since this was the first time we were doing it we just attacked the ghost and dropped it to 10% then dragged it to the pot. The only problem with this was that the ghost has a decent auto-regen on it, so it got like 10% HP back by the time we got it to the pot. We held the ghost for a moment while taking down the pot to 10% then killed both at about the same time as planned. We changed the strategy up a bit for the Dragon and Ahriman pair. I grabbed the Enhanced Dragon and dragged it to the area just outside of where the Ahriman was, there we took it down to about 10% again.
Then it was slept and we pulled the Ahriman, at about 10% for both we split the melee and dropped a few Thundagas and they were both dead. We then did the same for the Weapon and Skeleton, pulling the Weapon to the Skeleton were we knocked them both down to about 10% then killed them both for a nice and easy and very quick win. I got four coins from the run and a SMN AF item also dropped, but of course I had no interest in that. LOL

Well, after Limbus, we decided to head out to XP again. Glacian, Gordor and I, along with a pretty good MNK, RDM and BRD. We were in Kuftal Tunnel, competing against some pretty bad RMT's, and getting 200+ base xp on crabs, it was really good xp and I got to level 52, plus a good chunk toward 53. It would be nice to get this group again together today for a nice long XP party, where I could maybe get to 55 and Sidewinder/Slugshot. Now that would make me a happy man.

Now onto Salvage, first the official discription can be found here. This looks to be very interesting. A mix of Limbus and Assault to say the least, and it is instanced so you don't have to worry about people hogging zones. I like the idea of interesting challenges to limit players and force them to, you know, think, about how to beat things rather than just rush through them with a guaranteed win every time. Some people just confuse me, they want things to be easy, but then complain when things become repetitive. People just drive me crazy with this stuff, its the same in the real world, no one knows what they want, they just like to complain endlessly. Don't get me wrong, I do it sometimes too, but it seems no matter how good things are, or how well though out they are, they will never be satisfied, and that is not because they really are dissatisfied, it is because they we are curmudgeons and want to say that everything that isn't exact what they want (easy things to do, easy rewards) just sucks. ANYWAY... I think this is going to be quite impressive. First, there look to be new mobs to fight including new Red Frogs some kind of freaking huge hover tank and a... Pokemon? Now I know that the major complaint will be that there are limitations on people that do that, apparently up to 20 new limitation will be put on players when they enter the zones. These "pathos" will make things more interesting for those that actually, you know, enjoy a challenge rather than just through more BLM's at problems. But what do I know, I actually enjoyed the CoP storyline and fights, because they WERE NOT easy, and was actually happy to make it to Sea, rather than getting upset it took so long. The only real criticism I have heard so far is that it needs to have very good rewards, which I completely agree with. Lately we have been handed a few good items and a bunch of replacement gear for stuff that is now basically impossible to get because of RMT or has horrible drop rates. I would much prefer if they just fixed the RMT problem or fixed the game to prevent RMT control of Sky. The only criticism I have of SE is that they think that the RMT problem is something they think they can handle with discipline, but its not, its something that needs to be fixed by changing the game itself, because the RMT aren't going to go away just because you ban them.

We will see the drops, then we will determine the quality of Salvage, but as presented the system seems very intriguing and I can't wait to try it out. :)

And now for your daily moment of enjoyment. If you are going to buy a really good account, and Riverwind is a very good account, then you should at least know how to play it. Yes, that is a Mercurial Kris in the main hand and a Ridill in the off hand.


iceblaze said...

i get chills reading the salvage description. its going to be amazing i cant wait. the only thing that is lame about it, and i may have misread it, is that it costs 2000 assault points :( wish it coulda been IS points.. even if it were like 6k+

Ringthree said...

Cool, I can't wait to do it either :)