Sunday, December 17, 2006

Lots and lots of AF.

Another busy RL weekend, but weekends like that are good for doing AF, and I needed to do a lot of AF. Lets start with WAR. Lets see here, I already have my Fighter's Calligae, so we can skip that, so next was Fighter's Mufflers and a talk with good ol' Borghertz and then we paid a visit to Dark Spark Glacian needed Dark Spark for NIN AF hands too so we were able to knock out two clay pigeons (not birds, for Ailee, although I am sure there would still be some issues with non-human animal amorphism) with one stone. Anyway, the hands are very nice, and I will probably use them in places that I have high accuracy, like once we are getting to the end of the level range of mobs in a camp (54+ in Kuftal Tunnel) and I will probably use them for WS's until I get something better for damage like Barbarian Mitts or Spiked Finger Gauntlets. Now that I have the feet and the hands, I have pretty much the two best pieces of AF that I can get for WAR and thats about it. The rest will be for tanking, which I don't think I will be doing that much of, and for completing the set so I can store it so it doesn't take up 5 slots in my Mog house. The next two, the Fighter's Mask and the Fighter's cuisses were hidden in the Crawler's Nest and Castle Zvahl coffers respectively. Finally, I had to complete my CS with Bastok's Finest to receive my Fighter's Lorica . After doing all this, we were able to actually level on WAR and BRD a little. And we both managed to get to 52. Omoi/Kira has been questing a ton on Kirameki so that she will be able to get the Gobbie Bag, Mog House expansion and AF quests. She already has at least a few of her BRD AF done, but still needs a Zvahl coffer, which I would like to do for her today or tomorrow. Also tomorrow, there is a New Moon, and I want to try to get my Selene's Bow. I have already enlisted the help of Omoi and Ailee, I will probably come as SAM or DRG, because you need to do damage pretty quick to the Black Conney before he AoE's you to death.

Well, after my WAR AF, I also finished the first quest for my RNG AF. Actually the first AF would be the hands, but that involves a Garliage Citadel coffer which I dread. ; ; LOL Anyway, I had to run all over the universe with Shikaree M, including to the Eldieme Necropolis then over to Castle Oztroja, then finally back to Windurst to get my Hunter's Beret. I will probably be wearing this until I get to level 70 where I will don my Optical Hat. I will be working on the rest of my RNG AF this week, since I have next week off so I can level without fear of having to get new gear when I could be leveling my RNG. The really nice thing is that I was even able to wear my Hunter's Beret this weekend because I had some decent parties and got my RNG to 54. It is coming along quickly but I definitely need to come up with some more Gil to pay for all of these arrows and bolts. When I got to level 54, I could tell my Holy Bolts were getting resisted a lot less, and my Acid Bolt's would usually take only two shots at most to land the defense down. I tried out using a Light Staff (speaking of which, I still need to return it to Aable) but I didn't notice that much of a gain in damage really, and only a few less resists, although I did notice that my Ranged Accuracy didn't decrease all that much. I would have stuck with it if it hadn't been for the fact Acid Bolts are Dark Magic based and it basically killed them, they would not proc at all. I guess, I could use it at a higher level, but Acid Bolts are just fantastic for the damage bonus, so it would be hard to give them up, just for a few less resists.

Finally, speaking of AF, we also helped Glacian beat up some Sahagin's to get his NIN AF all finished up. Pretty short work of it, and I was only a level 51 WAR. LOL

Sometime during the weekend we were able to get some of Promyvion-Vahzl done for Izman, Ice, Lucella and Azeryus. We had already gotten to the first save point, so we extended down to the final level, and now they will just need to farm up some Animas and we will be able to the fight, quick and painless. Then, its onto the three paths, a ton of CS's and the Snoll Czar. >.<

But, before then, here is a list of things that I need to get done.
1. Level DRK to 37.
2. Start leveling my Leathercraft again.
3. Finish getting all of my RNG AF.

And now for your daily enjoyment:

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