Monday, November 27, 2006

Yeah, so I did a little bit of leveling over the break.

Ok, lets do this in numerical order. First would be BLM. Ailee and I started leveling SMN and BLM, with Omoi powerleveling us. It was pretty silly, we were just taking on IT mobs while Omoi healed us and took hate. It was just like randomly gaining XP for doing nothing. LOL This was a scene that happened rather often: Ailee and I resting for MP, while Omoi is being bound by the nasty little worms. It was fun, and I still managed to die two times. LOL Ailee leveled twice before I even leveled once. Ailee went to bed but Omoi and I stayed up until I got 18. So that will be set for my sub for WHM for quite some time. Speaking of which... my WHM is now level 20. For some reason I tend to level my WHM early in the morning. I was just slowly soloing EP mobs in Konschtat Highlands, Banish actually doing some rather nice damage to EP mobs, when I got a invite from a fellow that didn't really understand that you dont just randomly invite people, and that you dont invite people when there is no one else looking, and just waste the time of the other people in the party. Well, I was willing but he never got more than 3 people in the party so I wasn't too worried about it and never left the Highlands, and just put my flag back up. Eventually, I was invited to a decent party where I finally got to level 20 on WHM. I had to go to Dynamis-Valkurm, like partying there wasn't hard enough, so I left shortly after getting my level.

I can only take so much magery, so onto the other jobs. At the beginning of my holiday my RNG was only level 37 and just barely so, by the end I was 41. I did make it to 42 seen here: but while I was tired and trying to level my Marksmanship I took on something a little to tough for me and lost my level, and even though I managed to get a raise it wasn't enough to get me back up to 42. Oh well, I still need to level my Marksmanship so I will easily be able to get it back before Limbus tonight. I am level RNG with a semi-loose static including Glacian, Omoi, Azeryus, Elfaria and Gordor. Gordor is a good bit in front of us so we will need to catch up with him if we want to level with him, but he seems to really like his SMN so I dont know if we will be able to keep up with him. I am really liking RNG right now and its not as expensive as alot of people make it out to be. I am a little interested in leveling my Woodworking to be able to supply myself with arrows. We will see though.

Now my last job that I leveled this weekend. FINALLY! Hehe, now I can wear my Seiryu's Kote for SAM/RNG. I got this in a nice little burn party last week. Apparently, it was in Chilicheese's first party back from leaving for a while for WoW. That dude, has some nice gear for his WAR and Taru's look so cute swinging a Ridill. I was SAM/RNG in this party, and I was still struggling a little bit with Sidewinder, 150TP is what I usually shot most of them at but I would say that I had a 60% hit rate with it. But this was with uncapped Archery, no merits and no Seiryu's Kote. I think it should get substantially better the next time I level it.

I also had a nice xp party on trolls where I got something like 8 total unused merits, that I will be saving again for another STR merit. While I was in that trolls party, I got this Jin. Yeah, thats on a troll. Not a Puk or Jnun. I was pretty impressed with that. Didn't even think you could break 1k on a troll. Anyway, I basically just need 10 more merits to get full STR merits. Then I will be putting some merits into weapons finally, and some SAM end-game merits. Speaking of which I got an Onimaru for my SAM this weekend, it is actually pretty nice for when I am not using my Soboro. It is probably the second best Great Katana to the Hagun, and since I still dont have a Hagun and I am not going to get one any time soon, its a nice little replacement.

Lets see, what else did I do over the break? Well, I got to try the Ashu Talif Assault again. These mobs are not that hard, they just swarm you and then the Imp's slaughter you with AM's. I think our strategy is getting more refined, and I understand the fight a little better. Its not very hard you just have to be careful of getting overwhelmed. The Imp's have to die first, then the rest of the crew is nothing much to worry about. We got closer than last time, I think some more AoE damage would really help us out. A BLM and a PLD helped us to get even farther than we did last time. I think I might go as SAM/RNG next time because Sidewinder or Barrage would essentially be a one-shot kill on these mobs. Too bad we had the same result on our third try.
I have also started to go to the new Dynamis areas and have done all three starter areas in the past few days. Qufim we lost, pretty badly, because someone forgot to check for a ???, and that ended up hurting us pretty badly and we weren't able to even kill all of the NM's that you need to kill to make the boss weaker. We also lost a Valkurm run because of mistakes and some bad luck. The pulls for the Nightmare Flies to unlock sub-jobs took longer than it should but we got it done and headed to the Faerie Ring. This is were a MNK made a big mistake. The pull was a rather long and difficult one, and the MNK apparently doesn't understand that hate from Provoke dissapates over time. Basically, the Faerie Ring took a bad pathing route to the main tank, and while it was taking its time over to the PLD, the MNK Chi-blasted it. This drew it over to the main group of players, were it did its directional breath move that does about 1k damage and a absolutely HUGE poison effect, essentially MPKing the alliance. Even with all of that we managed to kill it and but we lost some time to get people up and ready again. My general feeling is that when you make a mistake, just fess up to it, especially one that you didn't expect to happen. But instead of doing that the MNK claimed that a) he couldn't have pulled it off with a Chi-blast and b) it was a bad pull. Sadly, he was wrong, on both counts. Oh well, its not like anyone ever wants to take the blame for anything going wrong anymore. After Faerie Ring we headed to the other side of the zone to fight the Goobbue to weaken the boss again. On the way someone managed to aggro one of the huge Manticores, and you have to wonder how, because they are huge. Tonnberry indicated some displeasure, rightfully so I believe, with this person for not paying attention. We killed some Qaudav's to get to it, but had a bad pull on the Goobbue and almost caused a wipe but we killed it, though with not enough time for the win it looked like, but we tried. So we headed back to Selbina gate, and fought the Marlboro boss there, getting it to around a little above 50% in the 30 seconds that were left. It was rather impressive and given another minute would have been a win for sure. It was very fun and I will definitely try it again.

I also tried Dynamis-Buburimu with much better results. This one was much easier it seemed and we didn't have to go anywhere really before we got the win. It was three different dragons, Tarasca Stollenwurm and Aitvaras These dragons had a bunch of HP, and slowed to spam their AoE moves, but we took them with surprisingly little issue, especially considering that it was the day before Thanksgiving and we had a rather limited run. After the dragon there was a pull for an NM Quadav. After all of them were dead, we pulled the boss. Nasty looking dragon, but not to bad to kill. A few deaths and a little bit of recovery and we were off to start farming. And a great farming run it was. We got RDM and PLD -1 pieces, and WAR, RDM and DRK accessories. It was again really fun and much faster than a regular dynamis. I wouldn't mind these new dynamis so much if we didn't have to do SO MUCH running around just to get the win to start farming. The old dynamis are much better designed because you are able to beat the objectives while you are farming the zone.

Those are the main storylines of the break, but here are some other tid bits. I got another CS in the Aht Urhgan storyline. This one was not as exciting as some of the ones in the past and Shantoto appears to be a bit unstable but I believe intentionally so. I am still very interested in this story but it is much more winding and less direct than the other two storylines.

Yesterday there were two back to back level 6 Besieged, Trolls then Undead. The trolls were surpisingly nasty and the Undead were a little weaker than I remember. I think they have changed the Assault Bhoots so that they do not just spam their AoE HP drain. I think I only saw it one time. It was neat to see Medussa and we got her down to 40% before she warped out. Apparently, she can be defeated, and you get an XP and IS bonus for doing so. I think that is now a server wide goal, becauase she seemed a bit weaker than the other two bosses.

Finally, I did some sub-crafting for Omoikitte. I got my Clothcraft to 32 while breaking many of Omoi's sheeps wool as I was trying to turn it into wool for her. Gonna take a peek at Woodworking today to see how much I can level it and if I can make my own arrows.

Thats it for today. I have another Omega tonight which apparently we are going to farm for Gun Pods for chips and coins, because we beat it in just about 10 minutes last time. I am getting really close to my Brutal Earring, and then its Omoi's turn and she said she wants to upgrade her DRG AF first, so that should be neat to see.


Ash said...

I can give you some pointers on that Ashu Taliff BC. Took my team three tries to get it down, too. Thankfully, the next two BCs are easy as pie. Good luck ^^

Ringthree said...

I would love to hear your suggestions!

Leana said...

Ringthree and mage jobs,
seriously I didn't think i'd see the day ;P

Slickdarula said...

Hi Ringthree,

You probably don't know me but I am on your server just started reading your blog, I love it! keep up the good writing!


Queen of da Mages