Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Giant Freaking Robot.

On a technical note I am going to start using the Pictures post as the post for the next day so that I do not lose the comments made before. So the time/date stamp is going to get all screwy, but I dont think anyone notices that anyway. Now, on to the show.

Lets see where to start. Ahh yes, my new computer finally has a DVD drive... don't ask. So I was able to install FFXI in all its gloriousness on my new computer. It runs at a very high resolution without any delay. And its making me pretty happy. So that took up most of my time before Limbus. I think I will go over what happened today then talk about the pictures that I couldn't post because of blogger from the weekend. So it was time for Proto-Omega. I had just joined this LS, but it seems that they had 12 members for a while, and were trying to keep it small but just didn't have the people to take on the bosses, so they recruited, and they are up to 17 now, I believe. I highly doubt they are going to go over 18 and would still like to try to keep it as small as possible. Basically, they already have like 5 Proto-Omega sets ready to go, and I probably wont get to lot for a while, but I dont care. Its fun and a good challenge, and I will get my turn soon enough, and it looks like we will be doing all 5 Omegas in the coming weeks. Anyway, onto the fight. We all build TP for Spirits Within and buffed up getting ready to go into the fight. I have believed for a while that Limbus was not an original conception, but was actually a bastardization of parts of the CoP storyline that were never implimented. Remember that the .dat's before Limbus were named Lower Promyvion and Ou'Phat Obelisk before they were switched to the Limbus areas of Temenos and Apollyon. There is a reference in a late cutscene in CoP to the Ou'Phat Obelisk that Nag'lomada makes when referencing the stasis of the Dawn Maiden. I believe that the CoP storyline was actually longer than what was delivered but was shortened because it was already incredibly long and very difficult. Well, that is my speculation and speculation is one of the best parts of the game. ^.^

Anyway, we headed in to face Proto-Omega We were using two NIN/DRK as the main tanks, and I got to be Gunpod voker. :/ Oh well, I was also supposed to try to pull hate when the tanks got hit with Pile Pitch or Colossal Blow, both Throat Stab like moves (90% HP reduction and hate reset). Lesson learned, I can't just pick up hate from the BLM's after a hate reset on the tanks. I need to be building hate over the entire course of the fight. Well, here is Omega standing up, he was like this most of the fight. He looks perfect like this, and its neat to think that he was originally designed this way but never implemented until Limbus. I wonder how they would have used him in the original storyline. My guess is that it was supposed to be part of the post CoP storyline like Bahamut and Apoclypse Nigh, but was too ambitious and the game was in need of something like Limbus a cross between Dynamis and Assault. When Omega was on all fours it was more annoying for some reason and of course at 20% it just started spamming hate resets but it was just quickly nuked to death. It took just over 10 minutes to kill. Bgalvin was totally right, this thing is pretty darn easy. Which is funny because the better gear comes from Omega, the mage gear from Ultima, from what the mages that I know have told me, is not that great. Kitsume said that because it was so easy we will now be farming the gunpods and just basically hold Omega at the HP level where it spans them. I mean from the three that spawned last night we got a Rainbow Thread, 6 coins and a Smokey Chip. Just a few more of those and we could be Omega even more often.

Ok, off to an early lunch, back to finish up later.

Ok, back.

After the fight I got a new title I have been wanting to get for a while. From what Bgalvin has said Ultima is far more difficult than Omega so I shouldn't expect this same level of ease with that. Maybe the indication that there is a large difference in difficulty is that you only get 30 minutes for Omega but 60 minutes for Ultima. And then their is Citadel Buster... o.o; Anyway, here were our drops: The Omega's Eye makes the Homam Zucchetto and the Omega's Tail makes the Homam Gambieras, they were quickly handed out by the leadership and we were done for the night.

After Limbus, Bg wanted to get some XP on his PLD so we got together and headed to the Thickets. There weren't many people out there so we were able to get some decent XP. We stayed on until people were getting tired but I managed to get this:
I am saving up for another STR merit. That will be level 4 STR, and after that I am going to go with more merit abilities for different jobs. That was my day, pretty fun and enjoyable over all.

Now to what happened this weekend. Well lets start with Omoi, as she got level 70 on DRG and is now borrowing all of the gear that she originally got for me on DRG. She is starting to look like me on DRG. XD Everything else I have pretty much covered except for the following, and you can have fun with it as you please.


Anonymous said...

That was actually stupid simply becuase she was going to get millions of gil to just raise a RMT. If he died once, he's going to die again. Turn down millions of gil? Yea fucking right.

Anonymous said...


Leana said...

hahaha Ailee's story made my morning,

Ailee said...

Nah you make the faulty assumption they aren't liars and would actually pay. Plus why hurt your own pt's chance to pull mobs? You put too much faith in downright cheats.