Monday, November 27, 2006


Lets see here, what is Salvage?

From the FFXI website:

In this update, you can look forward to the introduction of a large-scale battle system called "Salvage", access to new areas within the Ruins of Alzadaal, new chocobo raising features, job adjustments, and much, much more!

And from the FFXI Development page:
Along with the introduction of a new battle system "Salvage," the previously restricted access to the Ruins of Alzadaal will be lifted, allowing players free reign to explore the entire region.
Also, several unreachable sections of both the Bhaflau Thickets and the Caedarva Mire will become accessible, and adventurers will be able to encounter the creatures that inhabit those locations.

Here are the suggestions that I have heard so far.

1. "This is just another Assault."
That is obviously not the case because Assaults are described as small scale events. Even if they use the Assault server-style design for this, it will still be much larger, they are explicit in stating that it will be a large scale battle. So, even if they use the Assault server-style design, this will be much larger than anything that is already available for Assault. In truth using the Assault-server system would be much better because it would prevent conflicts with that currently occur over scheduling.

2. "This is like Limbus."
Maybe, but I doubt it. When Limbus was announced it was not described as large-scale, so I think that is out. Limbus is very nice for a couple of reasons. One, its quick, limited time with limited extensions. Two, its rewarding, coins, AF +1 materials, Omega and Ultima drops. On all levels it is something for everyone. Three, its limited in scope, within a couple of weeks people could be fighting Omega, and within a month Ultima. Now, this is the rewards format that we really need. Exclusive, hard to get, but good gear.

3. "This is like Dynamis."
Probably, but I don't know if this is a good or bad idea. First, the three new jobs need Relic gear, that much is plainly obvious. Also, the new jobs don't have a relic weapon they can use. But the question is, how do they balance this with what is already available in Dynamis without screwing up the storyline? They need to have things available for regular jobs or they wont go to help expansion jobs.

This all leads me to one conclusion:

4. This is something completely new.
Shockingly, I haven't heard this suggestion yet. Which is weird because, outside of the CoP Dynamis zones (which are still very different from the older Dynamis zones), the new events that SE has introduced have been very different. Limbus, Assault, Besieged, Dynamis, they are all varied and difference in approach and approachability. So I think this will be something innovative and new.

So bring on Salvage! The sooner the better.

Yesterday was Omega again for Shutupanddance (my Limbus shell). This time we planned on farming for Gunpods from Omega while it was at 5%. Getting to 5% it was a little more difficult that last time, but probably got it down more quickly. NIN/DRK is a great tank for this situation because it is inevitably going to get in a Colossal Blow inevitably at this HP level, and they gain hate back so quickly its amazing. A couple of stuns, a couple of sleeps, a Soul Eater and Last Resort and they are back at the top of the hate list. Even with enmity+ gear, constant vokes and debuffs, I couldn't even get it to look at me unless there was a double hate reset. I was just keeping on the hate list so that if things went bad I would be able to try to get hate pretty quickly, while being ready to claim the Gunpods. I tried to stay disengaged once we got to 5% because I wanted to be able to claim, but I thought it would be easier to just switch off if I was engaged because I could just switch target to the only other targetable mob and then voke it. Well, we got four gunpods to spawn, probably two more than would have spawned if we killed it straight up. That netted 21 coins, another charcoal chip and an adaman ore. I like the idea of farming it for gunpods, I just wish they would spawn more often.

After Limbus, there was a level 6 Besieged by the Mamool Ja. Pretty fun, but I went as SAM/THF and fought the THF NM. orz I couldn't hit it at all. So we had to call in some BLM's to take it down faster. After that we headed to the second NM, but it was only down to about 90% when they retreated. I would really like to take down some of these new Beastman Kings, but we keep winning too early for that to happen.

After Besieged, I helped Solidsnake finish up some of the Aht Urhgan missions. We were only going to do the Fomor NM at the gravestone but ended up doing the Black Coffin too. That fight is so easy its a joke. And its like the tenth time I have done it now. I need more missions, and a dash of Salvage would be nice too. :)

I love this shot, it just looks really cool when you start Limbus.

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