Thursday, November 02, 2006

Why is it so freaking hard to level my RNG. ; ;

Yeah, I tried again last night. Tried and failed. I got maybe 3k xp, only about halfway to 34. And that was after about 2 hours of trying to xp. And this time it was my fault. I made a party of 31-33, which is a tough group because it overlaps alot of zones. Either they were all T or they were all IT+++. Couldn't find a good balance at all. Everyone was willing to work hard to get the party to work, but it just wasn't happening. I will probably just put my flag up, and solo worms in Shakrami or Gusgen mines. Its just getting me down, as I really just want to work on getting my SAM/RNG set and going. There is going to be alot of Archery skilling up in the near future. All I need is a steady party for a couple of hours, and it will be my main goal after Sky tonight. Speaking of Sky as I have started going to Sky as NIN, I have found that I have been forgetting more and more things that I need to bring with me, that I didn't need to bring with me when I would go as DRG. I need Eva+ gear, DD gear and heavy tanking gear. Its kinda ridiculous after a while, since hardly any of it overlaps, and I carry 3 High Breath Mantles, so I will always have one available even if I die.

Well, yesterday started off with an XP party in the Thickets, it was kinda packed but I got some decent XP. Died twice but we had a WHM in the party so I literally had to fight two mobs and I was recapped on XP. I got another merit so I am now staring down 9 merit points and I dont know what I want to do with them. STR level 3? I would really like to do that, but its A LOT of merits to dump into one merit point level, but once its done I will never have to do it again. And I am STILL torn on what weapon I want to merit. I dont really see much of a difference now between my friends that have Katana merits and me without them. We both still need to use Sushi because we all try to stack up as much Haste and Dual Wield as possible at the expense of Accuracy. If that is the case then all I am really getting out of Katana merits is a little bit of Attack, which I dont think will mean much in the longterm. I know that I am just justifying to myself dumping 9 merits into STR, but I think that has helped me to decide. :) My base STR on NIN after this merit will be 78, and after its capped it will be 80. 80 Base STR. MWHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Wow... that was a tangent. Anyway, I xped with Vesp, Glacian and some silly and cute JP Taru's. I dont know what my issue is lately but JP Taru's are SO cute! LOL They have the best emotes, and usually they have no problem just messing around and being funny. Again with the tangents... So I basically ended up pulling for my party, and I died to a Skoffin on two different occassions, even though we had an awesome JP Taru WHM. Once was because I pulled without Shadows LOL, the other was because of an ill-timed Radiant Breath. Outside of that, I was having a load of fun just because it was neat trying to pull and DD at the same time. But sadly, I had to leave to go to Limbus... orz.

Now my Limbus shell is half decent but one of the people just doesn't get it. We have a WHM that will not get out of AoE range, they must have died 6 or 7's, 4 times on one floor. We did NE Apollyon and beat it with a couple of minutes left. The funny thing is that I found it easier to tank in my Haub over Osode because the Haub would land more hits and do more damage to keep hate, while Osode wasn't really helping with evasion much more as most of the mobs either swung slow or they not very accurate. Only got 4 coins out of the run, but I now have 20 coins for a Brutal Earring thanks to Omoi giving me some coins from out of nowhere. I dont even know where she got them. The entrance to Apollyon is pretty cool looking and I did manage to aggro a UFO on the way to the zone, but we just slept it and ran rather than fighting it.

When we finally went into NE Apollyon we were already an hour and 15 minutes late which was VERY annoying because we were supposed to do the new mission BCNM after the rest of them were done with Dynamis. I know it annoyed Ailee, just because I know her and she hate putting off stuff like this, and now they are planning on going on Friday which I can't do because my laptop screen is still screwed up, so I wont be able to take it when I travel this weekend. Omoi will then use me not being able to go as her cue that she shouldn't do it without me, which she knows will make me very annoyed and frustrated. Omoi, you are going to do the fight on Friday night even if it is without me! >.<;

Hehehe. She better do it, or there will be a long rambling blog entry on Monday aimed directly at her!

Anyway, even considering the circumstances, the run was pretty successful. In fact, mobs were dumping treasure all over the place. ~.^ We got a couple of different AF+1 pieces, but I already had the Sam piece from Apollyon so I was just aiming for coins. I am hesistant to bid on any AF items until I have my Brutal Earring. It is pretty darn sexy, even though the SAM AF+1 hands are very nice also, but with my new SAM/RNG set up I dont know how good the SAM AF+1 pieces would be compared to other items I have/can pretty easily get.

Finally here is my cool shot from the day, the other person is a pretty well set up DRG in the LS, and yes that is a Love Halberd.

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