Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A new idea to be ignored.

So I have been just thinking about ways to fix the "Ullikummi problem" and I really think this may be the winner. Of course SE will ignore it, but thats the case with most good ideas lately it seems.

I submitted this at SE's Comments and Suggestions page and I suggest that you spend the 30 seconds to send it to them too, if you agree.

Here is a suggestion to fix the cheaters at the Ullikummi camp in sky and also a way to prevent them from controlling any party of the Tu'Lia NM's.

Create new BCNM's that require 60+ Kindred Seals, or even a certain amount of Conquest Points.

Option 1) 18 person fights, against the God of the players choice. Genbu, Seiryu, Suzaku or Byakko. You could make Byakko cost more because of the rarity of the items. The fight would reward the seal of the God, its appropriate gear, money drops and potentionally abjurations.

Option 2) 6+ person fights, against the NM's that spawn in Sky. They would drop their appropriate gems, and potentially their weapons.

The fights would be held in the Burning Circles in the areas already available in Sky, and would be limited to be done once a conquest tally to prevent over use.

This would break the stranglehold that the cheating players/RMT have on Ullikummi and would prevent their domination of other NM's in Sky.

Ultimately, SE has to act quickly to fix this bottleneck in Sky, because legitimate players are increasingly shut out of popping Sky gods. As it stands now only cheaters and RMT's are able to claim Ullikummi, and this is a completely unacceptable situation.

Came up with this idea today and Ailee helped me tweak it. Send it in if you support it.

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