Friday, November 03, 2006

The accidental whirlwind.

So, I caused a bit of drama in my dynamis LS last night. Can't say I am disappointed, some of the issues needed to be exposed and the drama wasn't really mine, but others latching onto my complaints. Oh well, it was also likely inevitable with the way things were going.

I also can't say that I didn't wish it didn't happen another way. Oh well.

Yesterday was a little weird in Sky. We did a Genbu, and while I was tanking Genbu I needed to trade the Kirin's Osode I was carrying to Zerobit so that he could use it for Chi Blast. So, you can tank Genbu without even being engaged. LOL. LOL Maybe I shouldn't have made fun of Genbu so much, because he decided to take it out on the LS. Look at these drops:
After Sky I was exhausted but I also wanted to level RNG and Kitty wanted to level RDM. So we went to the jungles to kill some Goblins and Mandies, it actually went really well, and we were both able to get a level. We could have probably gotten alot more but I was literally falling asleep as I was pulling. I have been getting tired pretty early as of late. Probably need a little bit of sleep so I can go back to my regular late nights of leveling. LOL Anyway, Omoi was powerleveling us. I got to 34 as can be seen here. It just seems SO slow going on RNG right now, and I dont know why. I can't seem to get more than 3k XP in a night, when I know I should be able to go from 33 to 37 in a good night. Its really frustrating right now. I still need to start leveling up my Archery. God, I sound like a broken record now, and I am heading out of town where I can ponder not having RNG leveled all weekend.

Some things about this game are great. And somethings suck. Leveling subs is a fine part of the game, but the switching gear is murdering me. LOL Everytime I have to switch like 600 million pieces of gear to level RNG and all for 3k XP. >.< I have currently in my Mog House, NIN, SAM, DRG, WAR and RNG gear. In my delivery box, I have mage gear and COR gear. Its getting to be crazy. I am so slow to mule also that it is impractical to keep gear for other jobs on my mules. I have some crap on other mules but it seems like I never even use my mules that I dont sell things on.

Speaking of which I love how every new game that comes out causes people to proclaim the death of FFXI. Now dont get me wrong, I am a blind homer for FFXI, but lets be realistic, I am not going to leave this game until something offers me the depth that I find in this game. WoW? Nope, its too easy and shallow. Starting a new character on a new server just to level another job? Are you crazy? There is no attachment, there is no connection, its a single-player game in a multiplayer world. PSU? Give me a break. Shallow, broken, single-player. Vanguard? Vaporware. Basically there are a bunch of games that are trying to break the MMO mold by not being MMO's. Hey, guy what guys, I play an MMO to play, you know... an MMO. I want lots of people on around me, people to talk to, I like being REQUIRED to have other people to do things. Solo play is for single player games. Ultimately, FFXI is larger than it was a year ago and there are tons of newbies around (believe me, because they are always wanting to level with me in the Dunes), so the game thankfully isn't dying. The only major problem that the game has is RMT, and truthfully that is the the only thing that can ruin the game. So fix RMT and ultimately the number of people join the game will still outpace those that are leaving by a large margin.

Keep the good content coming SE. New zones, new abilities, new game types. New adventures. I am sticking around and I want it all.


Nivaud said...

you guys are simply treading water, going nowhere really except getting AF for people. If you are interested in getting relic obsidian most likely won't be where you want to be if that's the case.

Like i said, Luda will be 5/5 on all 15 jobs before any single one of you get a completed relic.

Vile @ Odin said...

Meh, as days go by I find playing this game more of a chore. I think leveling beastmaster kinda fucked me over that way. Too much soro ;_; Anywho this games content is getting way beyond stale.And having a LS that are "duds" 80% out of the week help contributes to the daily boredom. /sigh I feel like quitting daily lol. /end rant :(

Ringthree said...

Maybe you haven't read my blog before, but this is the last place to come and cry and whine about quitting, you will find zero sympathy from me.

vile @ odin said...

Wow, hardcore reply. Looking for sympathy, I didnt think so. Just throwing my opinion out on the comment you made in your post. :'(