Wednesday, November 15, 2006

What to level next?

So I have been thinking about what job to level next. I have the "I love this job" job out of the way, DRG. I have my mandatory "Hey, everyone is leveling it" job out of the way, NIN. I am close to finishing off my "Happy to do a lot of damage" job, SAM. So what am I looking at next. I want something useful, fun and not to expensive. Let us analyze what is next. Keeping in mind that I want to get all jobs to 75.

WAR: Working on it, but it will probably take a while. I am leveling this with Kira and since it means funding a whole second character it will probably take a while. But alot of the gear is now alot cheaper than before so I dont think it will be as bad as she thinks. I already have alot of gear for this, and am only 5 leves away from Rampage where I hope things will pick up a bit.

MNK: Something I definitely want to do because I already have a ton of gear for it, or it is easily obtainable. Just not right now. Only level 16, and it would mean going back to the dunes again. I will probably level this in Ailee's get all jobs out of the dune's project.

THF: /sigh. I dont like thief that much, I think it would be better after 60 when you get Assassinate. But I don't see myself getting to level this anytime soon. Too much new gear, too little inventory space, too little understanding of how the job progresses. So this one will definitely come later.

WHM: Definitely something I am thinking about as my first mage job. Still only 18 but party invites shouldn't be too bad, and I have an endless supply of endgame gear. *smiles evilly at Omoi* Definitely a job that I like to level in my spare time.

BLM: Meh. I know that BLM's are useful and that having more BLM's helps everything but its just so boring. I have next to no interest in leveling it, and the good gear is mostly Rare/Ex. But you know what they say, if you have a problem, throw more BLM's at it.

RDM: I figure there are three jobs that I should level one of soon. RDM, BRD or COR. RDM is nice, people love RDM's and RDM's hate RDM with a passion. So I dont think RDM is going to be my first choice here. Lots of gear that I dont have, but likely that I can go NQ because it not something I am that worried about.

BRD: Yep, one of those three jobs. No subs leveled for it, but probably dont need much expensive gear. At least its unlocked already. LOL Would be really quick to level, but still not a top priority.

BST: Not for a while. I dont like soloing at all and trying to get a party to invite a BST is pulling teeth. A nice self-sufficent DD, but not that much interest at the moment, although the idea does not repulse me. I should finish up WAR first though because they share a ton of the same gear.

BLU: Very interesting, although I dont have alot of gear for BLU yet, I think I would be able to get it with time in Limbus, because Homam gear is essentially perfect for BLU. I like the concept for the job, self-skilling looks fun, and I already have a Suppanomimi, which is of great benefit for the job. Also the damage on demand is comparable to BLM at some points. I have seen Vesp rip through Sea mobs without even blinking an eye.

COR: Ok, here is the support job I am looking at with interest. Not as magey as RDM, not as support-only as BRD. Can do a little bit of extra damage, and can really beef up a party. Increased crits and DA are just amazing. Already have /RNG leveled only other subjob I would need is /WHM if necessary, which I want to do anyway.

DRK: Been there, done that. Already spent a year leveling my DRG. Dont need to spend another right now leveling a job that wont get invites and requires me making every single party. I should probably get it to at least 37, just to have it as a sub. But it will be one of my last jobs to 75.

DRG: Done, and basically I have all the gear I want for it.

NIN: Done, would like D. Body and Byakko's Haidate, but I will take my Koga Hakama for now. :)

PLD: So this will make Ailee smile, definitely thinking about leveling it. Normally to about 60-65 then DD above that. I really think people underrate this, but with the right gear and the right swords I think PLD is more viable in burn parties than alot of other jobs. But I am definitely interested in taking this up.

PUP: See BST. This is basically turning into a solo job because no one gives them the credit they deserve. No interest currently, but I am not dreading the idea.

RNG: Alot of interest here. Lots of damage, lots of end-game usefulness now that some of the changes have been made. Shouldn't be too hard to level, but it is really expensive, and I wouldn't ever get an Eurytos' Bow, though I could get an Othinus' Bow and go with a Holy Bolt build. I dont know, but it is something I would like to do if I can afford to do so.

SAM: Almost finished, I am really liking SAM/RNG and I am probably going to stick some merits into Archery. Just need a little more skilling up and I will be set. I could do with a little more gear here, like D. Body, but outside of that I am set.

SMN: Blargh, magey, not much interest, definitely a back burner job. Still need Fenrir and Diabolos, and a couple other summons. Wouldn't require alot of money because there isn't much of a selection and because all of the good gear is mostly Rare/Ex.

And thats everything, so I am going to finish up WAR, start COR and take a good long look at PLD and RNG for my next jobs.

Man, its getting hard to come up with things to talk about in my BLOG. I guess thats what happens when you bring wonderful new daily content! LOL

On to my day. We went to Sky, but sadly because some people were off-line or doing other things that are excused from Sky event we had to cancel our planned Kirin. So instead of that we went and did the KS99 Horns of War. Man, this was fun. Chlevnik, a Behemoth type mob, not that hard to kite and took decent damage, but generally we needed to get more damage done in a shorter period of time. We took it down to 80% pretty quick, then again to 50%. It slowed a little much from there because some of the BLM's were getting double weakened. At about 25% it started to get really resistant in general, and started spamming Thunderbolt which was annoying as hell because everyone was just stuck there for a while and was messing with alot of the damage we were getting from our BLM's. At about 12% Gelenkia Invincibled and held Chlevnik in place so that the BLM's could nuke him like crazy. Gordor got off something like unresisted 5 nukes in a row knocking it from 12% to 1% in seconds. At 1% it just went crazy and looked like it was dead but just kept spamming a really strong Meteor which is basically a one shot AoE. And it looked like he was dead then not dead, then dead, but all the time at 1%. I think it ended up dying to a DoT spell. LOL But it died and we quickly got the Treasure Chest because we knew we were really close on time. Here are the drops and complete time. The drops were definitely "meh" but it was nice to get the win on our first try. And just take a look at the clear time. Hehehe. Oh well, we will try again soon. And the next kill will be so much easier, I am sure. We random off the items that are under 100K usually, and here is Izman's roll on one of the items. GOGOGO!


Anyway! After that I went out to help Az get some of the CS's done for the TAU missions. While she was doing this Omoi and I were out killing Colibri and I was skilling up Archery, and on one nice Sidewinder with Hasso up, I got this: Oh yeah, I can feel the tingle in my e-pants. So we went around doing the TAU missions up to the Fomor in the graveyard, and now we are all set for the Assault on the Ashu Talif. Probably going to do that after Dynamis tonight.

After that Omoi and Az needed to go to bed, so I grabbed Iz and Tama and we headed up to the Boyhada Tree again for some more skill ups. We are getting closer to the cap, but I still need to get alot of dagger skill ups too, so it shouldn't be a problem to go with Izman after I cap Archery, and I will still need to do that again after I get 75 on SAM, which I would like to do as soon as possible. ^.^ I did get Blast Arrow (a RNG only WS >.<) last night while we were skilling. I have to be closing in on the cap for Archery at level 74. Anyway, after we were there for a minute, Kalgar came up and EP too and we busted out the NPC's again. Man, my NPC only knows how to cast Shell, Aquaveil and Silence... on crabs... yeah... orz. But he got a level AFTER he disappeared for the night. LOL Oh well, level 34 now, and I still dont care.


Leana said...

you forgot something ,

Leana said...

darnit how you you add images in here.....

JCacho said...

I dont know how BLMs can be "boring" I love the diversity in spells and dealing with strengths and weaknesses of the mobs fought. It is not as simple as everyone makes it to be, for every different element spell you need a set of armor macro'd that makes that element spell as strong as possible, plus you usually need to watch for WS . Also who doesnt enjoy the nuke damage?? xD