Thursday, November 16, 2006

What? No pictures?

Yep, sorry, last night I was so exhausted when I logged I forgot to upload pictures. Yesterday was pretty bland anyway. Though I did have two very interesting conversations that were going to be the focus of this post but will have to wait for tomorrow at this point.

Dynamis-Windurst was a total slog, only like two AF drop before I left after the boss was defeated. It took forever to pull stuff yesterday, just kinda slower pulling, oversleeping mobs, no silencing BLM mobs, etc. It just made the run so draining. If alot of AF was dropping then it would have been better, but as of late we just have been having really bad AF runs. Beaucidine with no AF is the most draining thing ever. I mean why even pay a million for a run that wont see any AF drop?

Speaking of which I was thinking about this the other day, and I dont think I have mentioned it on the blog yet. I think that SE should do an across the board increase in drop rates. The problem is that all of the end-game drop rates were designed with the idea of a low end-game population. The problem is that the number of end-game players has increased massive, and the number of people with multiple end-game jobs that now want an increased number of end-game items has expanded. Just a general across the board increase in drop rates would loosen this situation dramatically. It wouldn't have to be much, like instead of 1 in 50 Fafnirs dropping a Ridill make it 1 in 25. This isn't going to effect the game that much, or if it does, make it 1 in 45. Just a slight increase would go a long way. You could do this for all important drops in general, and I think it would make alot more players happy. And if they wanted to make it so that people would keep persuing things, then make more items in the vain of Relic weapons, hard as hell to get and just completely uber (and make sure the are better than anything in the game already). If SE did this they could then increase the drop rate of other items because they would not be the top notch gear any longer but they would still be easier to get than the new set of relics.

Just one of the many ideas I have that would improve the game a little.

So that was Dynamis. I like Dynamis and I dont like it, kinda love/hate. After Dynamis I helped Charlet and Bgalvin beat the Black Coffin mission. This thing is so easy. Tblack came along too, he is a friend from way back and it was nice to see him again. The other person that came with us, Kuraii, and I both forgot to pick up coins for the mission so we had to go back and get them, then we headed in. This mission is so easy its a joke. We beat it in short order, but I wish that Azy could have come with us to get it out of the way. The plan today is for Sky, then Limbus, then do the Black Coffin mission for Azy, and then try the first Ashu Talif assault.

After the Black Coffin, I went to xp with Izman, Vesp, Kalgar and Ice. We picked up a bard called Mdem. We first went to the Mire but because of complications we left shortly thereafter and went to Mt. Zhaylom and fought Trolls. Its was decent xp, and I got a merit, which I will be saving. Still considering meriting Archery, but even with full merits, I would only have a B- skill. I think its just going to be pile on as much Ranged Accuracy as possible and just dump as many Sidewinders as I can. So at this point it looks like they are being saved for another STR merit.

That was basically it for yesterday, I think today is going to be alot more exciting because I get to do a new Limbus area and then we might be able to do those Ashu Talif missions, which I am greatly looking forward to. I am going to be out of town this weekend so I dont know how much I will be on, but I will try to get some decent pictures.

I blame SE for not having anything new for me to talk about. Hehehe, we should be hearing new information on the next update pretty soon as it will be less than a month away at this point. See you tomorrow with a much better post. ^.^/

I will have another post later on today to make up for this one, which I didn't really like that much.

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Willriker said...

you know some people that got those king items dont want the drop rate adjusted?