Tuesday, November 14, 2006

For your reading pleasure!

Two posts in one day! :)

Feiwong loves me, and his public displays of affection on KI are worthy of quote. Brought to you in "cut and paste-o-vision"!

TheBoss :
Wow, do you people ever talk about anything better than being an E-internet douches?
I'm sure by the time I'm done posting this, one of you nerd retards with either report me to the admins just to get me banned, but I can care less, it's just a forum site and nothing more.

Your bull shit, comments, gossip, rumors still don't affect me. Keep trying, maybe your dream will come true.

Btw, I sent your idiot friend in GM jail Ringthree.

Teh pawned like a retard in a bag. And tell your pussy weak DRG friend Grimsta learn to fight me 1 vs 1 without having a whm by his side in public Ballista. Kay? Bye.

Putting up a 500k wager fight for a 1 on 1 match as promised still. Lv cap 60 or uncap of your chioce. No Rdm's allowed.

That "idiot friend" was Hittywitty using Cack's character. XD

AvengerofFighters :

Ah, the anti racist Jap back stabber. I haven't seen you in a long time retard. I think It's funny I have an internet E-dork stalker following me where ever I go, trying to get me introuble. Hah. Your presence amuses me, but you fail. Since when is resetting or adjusting the price is considered ilegal you idiot? There are crafters, farmers, and others who try to reset prices over night, why getting hyped over me?

Learn your Gm rules and how to talk around them, something you lack. You see, I visited the SE company here in Los Angeles, and they are aware of my presence, and the idiot trash garbage site both killingifrit and allakhazam. I have documented every single shit saved on my fast-drive for every little stupid detail regarding flammers like you and major idiot Rignthree. Keep it up, maybe, just maybe someday you will be banned from FFXI, and people won't have to deal with cocky rude ass players like you. You take your high lv job for granted. Keep calling GM on me because they know your bull shit just like others.

You see, I dedicate my job, and my account; therefore, I help others to something which I never seen you or any other flammers on here do. Yes, this may not be my "hard work" account but I played long enough as 75 thf to know how to handle nearly every melee job, except mage jobs other than rdm.

Now I will document this as well to SE. Spiffy!

As for admins to KI idiots on here. If you consider keep banning me for no apparent reason against your retarded TOS, you will be reported for illegal ad ware of supporting IGE gil distrubution. Not only that, but you will be held responsible for pissing off a lot of players due to your crap box harssment flame threads. You wanna be an ass? I can be too. My turn to strike back bitches. Kay bye.

This was after Wyred commented that a GM should investigate how Feiwong was messing with the AH pricelistings. Too bad we have FFXIAH now... LOL

Avenger's Earring
Heim's Earring
Here is ol' Blazes track record.

The kid is obsessed with Earrings... just a little weird... just a little. LOL

This is just plain hilarious! A gift to my readers! Enjoy! Now I am sure that Blazes is now going to report my blog to SE! OH NOES!


gordor said...

Wtf is the dude on crack he keeps spazzing over some retarded shit if he is a gilbuyer (which we all know it is) then he should just deal with the concequences that he is going to get flamed w/e but thats just my thought on it that was interesting ring thanks

P.S i think he likes the word idiot (or thats the only word over 4 words in his vocabulary makes me think did his mom sit down and help him write that)

SeraphPDH said...

Heh, i was there when he got your friend "jailed". It lasted all of 5 minutes and the GM more or less told him to just leave the gilbuyer alone until they have more proof. X-D

Willriker said...

; ; he tried putting in his own application into bbq not long back. I think saturday, or something. I made a very long reply saying that he wasnt welcome what so ever.

I had to delete my post though. It was up long enough for him to see and reply to though. You know, 5 minutes. I actualy timed it. One cigarette and he had a reply up.

In game it continued, i was in a conversation with this guy for a whole hour before he finaly understood why he was never going to get into bbq.

The whole thing was silly.

Thazienne said...

Two paladins posting right in a row...scandalous!!