Friday, November 17, 2006


Ok, let me get it out of the way. I caused us to wipe at Seiryu yesterday. It pissed me off. I mean its only Seiryu, but I fucking hate when I do something stupid and fuck it up for everyone else. I was tanking and I forgot to put up my initial set of shadows. Spirits Within, Crit, Crit, Fang Rush, dead. It fucking sucked and was one of the most embarassing and upset moments in the whole time I have played this game. Everyone tried to recover but they weren't able to because we only had about 15 people to start. We handle this kind of situations all the time, but not when the first tank dies 10 seconds into the fight. Its not the first time we have wiped to Seiryu or Suzaku, I mean it doesn't happen that often, but I just fucked hated that it was all my fault. Sure people can say "Its not your fault" or "Dont worry about it" but hell that isn't gonna happen. I can recognize when I fuck up and it fucking pissed the shit out of me. That plus the fact that RMT go Ulli from under our noises by hacking again, it wasn't my best day in Sky by far.


Anyway, I know that I have those conversations to post but first lets finish up yesterday because it was pretty short. We had Limbus after Sky, which was a bit delayed because of how late we started our last run. I really, really like Limbus. And I really, really like my new Limbus shell. So, that was able to cheer me up after my horrible day in Sky. We were doing SW Apollyon and that meant that I could actually attack things. LOL The first floor was Fomors, which I love fighting because they are just like Hydras in Dynamis. Except that I hate Grim Halo, god that move just sucks. >.< We swept through this level very quickly and about half way through Kitsume just stopped pulling the individual and aggroed everything so that they could be slept and killed really quick. Pretty efficient. We took the Treasure Box on this level and move onto the Arbor. >.> Yep, a level with a bunch of trees. The trees were pretty easy and they would spawn a random mobs right after it died. This was definitlely screwing with my targeting, because I had autotarget on, which I basically use for everything except for Dynamis and Sky. Autotarget is so much more efficient if you are careful with setting it up. But last night, when the tree died and the new nob spawned, I would be engaged on the new mob but I would be targeted on the person that last did an action on me. Like Omoi or myself would be targeted but I would still be fighting the Arborcole mob. It was kinda weird, but I got used to it. I dont know what chest we took on this floor probably time, because there was talk about taking the treasure chest but it would be cutting it too close on the next floor.

The third floor was Mimics. These guys are just silly. You can get all three chest on this floor but you have to fight all the Mimics because you can't tell which is which. Vesp was just spamming stun on these things because they like to use the annoying Death Trap move, AoE Stun, Damage and Poison. This floor was pretty quick too. Not much else to mention here, so we headed to the final floor, which was elementals. I dont have any pictures from this floor, it was just sets of three generic elementals, we got through all of the elementals except for the Dark ones, before we popped the chest. It was a nice clean run, and very entertaining. I still like it alot, and it takes all the good aspects of the game and combines them. Rewards as good as Sky, quickness of Assault and the exclusivity of Dynamis. It is probably the best designed addition that SE has made to the game. After Limbus I had a headache and just decided to go to bed relatively early.

Now for the conversations. The first is with a GM about an RMT shouter in Whitegate. I dont know if I come across as whiney in this but the GM comes across as a complete dick. In the past months, all of the GM's I have spoken to have dropped the "How do you KNOW they are RMT?" except for this guy. And this guy was just a total dick about it. I don't know what else to say, how this guy can be a GM is far beyond me. Even if he didn't care, he could have just gone through the motions of caring. I mean at least that is what the rest of the GM's do.

The second conversation was with Lordlotuskiller, and strange gets stranger. Yeah, got luck figuring out that love triangle.

Finally, I have this. I am not a commie!


Bgalvin said...

I heard Ring was on the Hollywood Blacklist.

Anonymous said...

Ring you got lucky, from what I have read on KI and Alla that [GM]Luminious is the guy that went around banning people using Ninja AF Boots, claiming they were using a flee tool. He's a real moron from what I have read and I hope I never have to deal with him myself. He's likely to hit the "Ban button" out of shear boredom...


Leana said...

oi Ring stup hitting your head on the wall about it,

it happened and it sure will happen again.. ^^

don't worry we'll get it next time :)

iceblazek said...

gm luminious is one of my fav gms and imo he acted just fine.