Monday, November 06, 2006

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I had no idea what to call today's blog entry. I knew what I wanted to write about but I didn't know what to call it. And so we are left with nothing really. I was out of town for a good portion of the weekend, but the time I was in town was interesting to say the least.

First on the agenda was Sky, and Kirin. Versus headed up to Kirin's room to find quite a line of people trying to do Kirin. First was the RMT, they were there to help someone get N. Body apparently. Everyone that was there knew who it was for, it was kinda surprising that this person was just so completely brazen about it. I hate RMT but I hate the people that merc from RMT even more. Oh well, this guy isn't too bright and it was pretty obvious by something he did later. Anyway, BBQ was next, they planned on TP burning Kirin twice. Or so they hoped. Everything was going very well, until the first summon which was Byakko. They just let him run free basically, and he started slowly taking down outside people, which was ok I guess, but he started to take down WHM's and then the occasional DD. So even though about 75% of Kirin's health was down in 3 minutes, after the DD's two hours were gone it looked like they didn't have enough damage to finish him out fast enough. Genbu and Seiryu popped and an ill-timed Stonga IV and it was basically all over. We tried to step in and help but we weren't really prepared for it and just ended up wiping too.
After that we tried to get all raised up while BBQ sac pulled Kirin, but they weren't very coordinated and the sac's ended up wiping both BBQ and us two different times. After dying several more times to help them, they were finally able to pull some of the mini's and beat them down pretty fast. After that, they just melee-burned Kirin down, which isn't so hard without two-hours and mini's but still very impressive. Their Kirin went unclaimed at 3% for some reason. I couldn't figure out why, but they handled it pretty quick.
Finally, after all that we got to do our Kirin. Byakko, Seiryu, Suzaku, Genbu. It was a great order and didn't have much problems at all, except for on Suzaku. And here is where the Gil buying, RMT mercing person just had to make our day. When we shadowbound Suzaku, he decided to use Frenetic Rip on it, breaking the bind. I couldn't even blame it on Gelenkia this time. Oh well, we handled it ok. Already died enough helping BBQ, not going to miss that much more XP.

Another funny thing happened while we were fighting the mini-gods. Both Reikoyi (YAY! Rei is back!) and Kalgar got blasted by a rogue Stonga IV, and Omoi had to end up kiting for the last two mini's. LOL Poor, Rei, I knew his wiggle well. LOL Kirin was greedy though and only dropped a Shining Cloth and Neptunal Body. Congrats to Hellz on his Hecatomb Harness!

After Kirin, I offered to help Vesp try to get Vertical Cleave from the Euvhi's in Sea. So I switched back over to NIN (I had been on DRG for Kirin) and headed out there. We first tried to get some spells for EP outside and since a bunch of people needed organs for Gorgets it was no problem to try to get all the spells. After a while EP got all of his spells then we just had to kill a couple of Xzomit's for Vesp's Soil Gorget, when that was done we took a side trip to the northern Limbus areas of Sea to fight Shark's for my Phuabo. I got the seven I needed plus two Goldfish organ's and now I can make my Breeze Gorget for SAM/RNG. RNG ; ; Anyway...

After a couple of failed attempts at Vertical Cleave outside on the Limbus NM, we headed inside to fight some of the flowers there, because they were lower level. The only problem is that we were killing them too fast, and even when they would do the move right before it died Vesp would still not get it. EP got it though, which is nice but we went in there to get it for Vesp and I wish he had gotten it.

After that I hopped on my RNG and sat around until I went to bed. I hate RNG. I hate it a lot. I hate it so much, I just want to get the last three levels and be done with it. I have never had so much trouble leveling a job to 37. It is just crazy. I am pulling my hair out here. So if you have a level 34 job and a couple of hours to kill, send me a tell, for the love of God. I also want to get started on COR and RNG is holding me back for that. RNG, how I hate thee.

Want to know the best way to get rid of 9 merit points? Dump them into level 3 STR. Is it worth it? I dont know, but I do know that I am now 3/5 on STR and only need 18 more merits to cap it out. I just found out that base STR for Hume NIN's at 75 is 5 points under Elvaan. That makes me smile a little on the inside.

As a random bit of commentary, this RMT task force that SE is putting together is very nice, and is a really good step forward, but until SE decides to ban the RMT for their behavior instead of giving them every freaking protection in the world, then things are not going to change. Fixing the economy is nice, but if we are still unable to get NM's for pop items in Sky, and if I see people shouting for Haidate and Sea Torques then we are nowhere near where we need to be. Changes need to be made, drastic changes. Starting with Ullikummi, change it back to the way it was, make it so that its not random chance that it pops in front of you. Give us a chance to claim against the botters. SE needs to help the legitimate players first, then worry about protecting potential cheaters.

And as a nice close to the weekend, here are too conversations that I observed over the weekend. The first concerns Feiwong/Blazes/Riverwind. A piece of advice Feiwong, people know who you are, you aren't going to get many people to join your Sky LS. Especially after they find out that you are an emotionally unstable freakjob.
Ailee's conversation speaks for itself. Enjoy!

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