Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Feeling Ailee's pain.

There are two things that Ailee hates in the world. One is RDM. Lets not even talk about that, besides to say, she is not a RDM. The second, is the noob. And here is the funny thing, as much as they drive her crazy, she is willing to help them. Helping one noob to be less noobish, is a step forward for the world. And for this she is a blessed creature. Here is an attempt to feel Ailee's pain, a connection to the world of the stupid, stoned and Xbox. Oh ye damnable Xbox, how ye taunt our souls! And to you my fair reader, I present Brunout. Uncut and uneditted, this is the Brunout experience, in all of its glory.

Some might ask why I even engaged? Some might ask why it was important to continue a conversation with someone that so obviously could not think themselves out of a wet paper bag? Some might ask, and Ailee would answer "Because stupid is an evil blight upon the world, and if it can not be eradicated, then it must be mocked, unmercifully and repeatedly." Why do we climb the mountain? Because it is there.

The most sad statement about the whole thing is the number of people that did not understand the obvious irony. But at least this wonderful soul did. I enjoyed his comment greatly. He felt Ailee's pain... can you?

One might ask what I was doing in Yhoater Jungle and that answer should be plainly simple. I was letting Omoi kill me through negligence. Too bad I didn't catch the deleveling part... >.< No, in all seriousness I was leveling my RNG. My god forsaken RNG, again. Headed to the jungle, got to level 35, Omoi stops paying attention, drop to level 34, Omoi comes back, return to level 35, get a party invite, go to the Citadel, Omoi lets me die again, get level 36, Omoi lets me die again, party splinters off but Omoi powerlevels me to 37 so I wouldn't commit Hari Kari. And then it finally happened, what we have ALL been waiting for! Well, not all, mostly just me... and I suppose Omoi too so she didn't have to keep murdering me. IT'S DONE!!! I CAN GO BACK TO LEVELING SAM! I CAN START COR! I CAN STOP SHOUTING! *cough* Ok, thats out of my system.

In return for powerleveling me from 34 to 37, I went with Omoi to the Den of Rancor to get a coffer so that she could get the map. Yes, a very Omoi thing to do, so we did some running around in the Temple and then we started seeing RMT's shouting randomly. That was weird, can anyone translate that for me? I wonder if its something like "Will sell Thief's Knife for food." I freaking hate RMT. Anyway, we wandered around for a while, but we managed to find the coffer. Its not like anyone needs it for anything anyway. Well, besides Omoi for her map anyway. ^.^

After map hunting, people were gathered to do the last BCNM fight for the current missions. The CS for this is getting all sorts of hinky. Ghosts, Fomors, Imps (that have Mammool Ja buddies) Moblins, Trolls, and a creature made by the Lamia. All plotting the doom of the Empire, and for some reason the Empire is looking more and more like the bad guys. And Shantoto has got something going on, and even makes a slight mention of the Prince, which I believe is in reference to Prince Trion. There is some kind of competition between the old nations and the Empire, I dont know what exactly they are trying to get or for what goals, but the Empire has its plans but at the same time so do the old nations. The plot thickens, but I only think things are going to get more confusing in the short term, rather than more clear. Well, we ended up fighting Khimeria 13. And this is what I was talking about a couple of weeks about the weirdness that was going on. Kinda nasty but not too hard... well, ok, if he hits you from behind and doesn't turn around and you dont notice he is hitting you for some reason... he can be a bit hard. Yeah, so I didn't even notice that he wasn't hitting me because he didn't turn after being SATA'ed, I am a noob. But he didn't even back kick like the dragons do, it just was doing damage with me behind it. A little frustrating. :/

After all of that Omoi needed to go to bed, but I wanted to start skilling up my Archery. Now, let me tell you what skillup party is all about. It is all about the WAR/PLD tank, the SAM/RNG with gimpy Ranged Accuracy gear and the main healing BLU, toss in a dash of Hudak for spice and you have the Uber Skill-Up Party of 2006! We were ridiculous, and my NPC got another level, not like I really noticed, he has a freaking death wish still, and I think he looks cool with Sword and Shield, I am going to let him keep that for a while. I wonder what I can do with my NPC once he hits 35. Wait... no I dont. I dont really care. LOL I did get about 30 levels of Archery, which takes me to about 140, and with a C+ skill in Archery it shouldn't be too hard to get there pretty quick.

And now for your pretty picture of the day. I just love this mountain, the smoke is perfectly drawn and at this time of day it just looks fantastic. Enjoy!

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