Monday, November 20, 2006

Blogger sucks.

No pictures today and its not my fault. I tried to upload my pictures and apparently Blogger was having none of it. So I am left without pretty pictures, but I was away for most of the weekend anyway. I was visiting Ailee and her outstanding run of luck in crafting. Three Blue Cape +1's and a pair of Mahatma Slops, yeah and she was skilling up on the slops, so that would be a Tier 0 HQ synth. Thats a cool 3 million in an economy were making 100k is no joke, and its not like how it used to be when you could farm to make money and be assured a profit after a certain amount of time. The economy is all sucky again. >.< Oh well, I have never crafted so I have never had very much money, but I have always been ok with Sky and all. Speaking of which, camped Ullikummi all day yesterday, and didn't even see him spawn. There was even a time with no RMT, Ullikummi is the bane of my existance. Ullikummi is everyday's worst person in the world!

I had a really short but fun xp party right before sky. Sanoken, the leader of Lineage my first Sky LS and Ryskar, the guy I like to punch in the nuts Johnny Cage style the most were in the party. And so was Omoi! ^.^ We didn't get that much xp but it was fun and relaxing. I would have liked to stay in that party for longer but I had to head out to Sky.

After Sky we finished up the Aht Urhgan mission on the Black Coffin for Az, then we collected a few people to do the Ashu Talif Assaults. And man, let me tell you, these are not as easy as the missions. Waves and waves of Fomor and Imps, all the Fomor attack fast and all of the Imps cast AM. They are all really weak but I did notice that they got stronger later in the fight. I think a PLD and a BLM may be good for these fights because AoE would help control the mobs of mobs. I mean by the time we wiped we had something like 15 mobs up at once. We learned alot from that fight. Its pretty easy to get overwhelmed, and since we dont know the what the winning trigger is we were just kinda going blind. Gonna try again today, probably after Limbus.

Speaking of Limbus we have Proto-Omega tonight. That is the form that you see him in on the Airship fight for the CoP mission. But then he also likes to grow up. This is the more "kick your ass form." I dont know what job they are going to want me to go as to this, I am going to assume NIN for now, but I am kinda doubting my abilities since my complete failure last week at Seiryu... I mean come on, Seiryu? orz They have plenty of NIN's in the Limbus LS, and my tanking gear is all NQ. I can't really afford and Arhat's +1, or any of the other HP+ gear. I mean my gear is still pretty good, but some of the HNMer's probably have far better tanking gear than I have. I will do my best though. Bgalvin said this fight was the easier of the two "Proto-'s" so I am not too worried about it. I would really like to finally get SAM to 75 and get it merited so that I can come as SAM/RNG sometimes too. I think after Limbus, I will be happy no matter the outcome. This is what all of FFXI should be like. Not camping Ullikummi against RMT for 5 hours at a time.

If anyone has any information for tanking Proto-Omega, please let me know. I mean if its accuracy is as bad as it was in the Airship fight then I am going to go with an evasion set up. But I doubt that, as there are very few end-game mobs that do not have incredibly good accuracy. Well, lets see what they want me to go as tonight. I have all of the consumables I need already I believe, maybe another Reraise Hairpin and some sleep potions for building TP for Spirits Within at the start, but my guess is that I will be using my Earth Staff for most of the fight so an Icarus Wing will probably be unnecessary, but I will probably get one anyway.

Well, that is my day, I am going to read up on the strategy for this fight again. Apparently my Limbus LS almost beat Proto-Omega with 12, so I dont think this is going to be that bad at all.

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