Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Stupid freaking blogger and FINALLY!

I uploaded the pictures for today last night and published the post, but they are not here today. This is freaking ridiculous, I might need to look up another blogger system. And it was an important day to because we freaking finally got an Ullikummi. Took for freaking ever, but we got him. The even funnier part was that it was claimed by Iceblazek who had just arrived into the room and wasn't even in the alliance yet. So he ran it over and was added to the alliance, and we took our first Ullikummi in a while, which was really nice. I had nice pictures of killing Ullikummi and such but blogger fails me. ; ; Well, it was nice to get him. The funny thing is that about 20 minutes before Ulli spawned one group of gilsellers DCed, and the rest of them left the zone. I had hoped that it was because they were banned, or left because of GM calls, but I doubt it because I clearly remember calling the GM while they were mass DCing, and they were back again after a couple of hours camping Ulli again. /sigh. I just wish SE would fucking fix Sky. But that is just pissing into the wind.

Man, without pictures its hard to go over what I did in a day. I did finish the last cutscene in the current set of Aht Urhgan missions. And I have to say that I like the way it is shaping up. Its getting really interesting and it appears that the story might be winding its way through Windurst sometime soon, and Bastok has been mentioned in the storyline but no Bastokan has yet made an appearance which I believe will soon be rectified. I also love these cut scenes because of the character articulation which is far better than anything in the game so far. It is neat seeing them do more normal actions and some of the CS's are even quite funny now because of it.

Anyway, I did some more Assaults last night, and it was pretty fun. It seems that in the first three tiers of the Assaults there is at least one pretty easy Assault for each staging point. I have been doing Mamool Ja staging point "Preemptive Attack" as much as I can and I have over 10K points on that one. Azeryus has over 15k so two more runs for her and she will be able to get the Pahluwan Seraweels. They are very nice, and would be my new WS pants on NIN and my TP build pants on DRG depending on the situation, but the Amir Boots are calling to me.
+6 Accuracy and +5 Attack? That would be excellent for building TP on both SAM and DRG. I am still undecided what I want to do there. I will focus more on a decision there when I am closer. There are two other Assault pieces that I desperately want, which are the Vision Earring: Only 3k Assault Points from Periqia, this should be easier than I thought because the level 2 mission Requiem is one of those burn party type missions. Should be able to get this after a week or two of Assaults. The other piece that I want, and definitely more than the Vision Earring is the Precise Belt . I just need to find the Warhorse Hoofprint to get to tier 3 to get to the easiest of the Lebros Cavern Assaults, Troll Fugitives. It doesn't look too hard at all, I just need to get the stupid hoofprint. Of course I have seen it before, but now that I need it I never stumble across it.

After I get these items, my SAM/RNG will be pretty much be exactly where I want it to be. Getting 75 and access to Seiryu's Kote made all the difference in my SAM/RNG. I was in Besieged yesterday and had no issue at all hitting the NM's. It was pretty nice to see my Sidewinders landing with consistency. And the damage is so nice, I wonder how I would parse in an XP party now.

I have another Beaucedine run today, for which I am currently second bid on Koga Chainmail and the person ahead of me is a very nice person with a ton more points than I have so I don't want to run up the bid on them, but there is a person that has tended to run up the bid sitting idle at four points even though they can't come close to the top bidder or I, they could try to snipe the bids. So I will be keeping my eye on the bids. Even stranger than the greatly desired Koga body is the bidding on Wyrm Mail where everyone had bid 4 points and it was basically understood that those that wanted it would just lot it off if it dropped, but some person has bid 10 points on it, which just throws everything off. Oh well, looks like I will be staying at work until 5:30 to watch bidding by snipers and see how the Wyrm Mail situation develops.

Thats it for today, hopefully we will finally get some drops in Beaucedine, its been a LONG while since PLD or NIN has dropped there.


Leana said...

is a nice blog like system

I got an account ther eunder Leana ^^

Omoikitte said...

Wordpress is nice if you want an equivalent to Blogger. Livejournal is really more the case of being an online diary, depends what your aiming for, I could go over the pros and cons of both if you like ^.^ LOL. I have excellent resources on the matter.

Leana said...

:P @ omoikitte,
Blooge is like an online Diary as well if you'd like, you can post up pictures there aswell now.

and they got a FRIENDS-LIST something I find lacking on Blogger (unless I missed something)

There are 2 big communities dedicated to FF11 up there as well quite fun too ^^