Wednesday, November 01, 2006

In an attempt to break the trend of one word entry titles, this entry will not be known simply as: Lame.

Yeah, yesterday was none too exciting. Camping Ullikummi against everyone in the universe and he didn't even pop. Ullikummi. Today's worst person in the world! That was for you Ailee. Accusations without proof are no fun, so I editted this.

ANYWAY... We did manage to get Zip. It was nice to move quickly and get it, especially considering I suggested to Omoi that it would be a waste of time to try to get it, because other people were already on the move to go get it. I am glad she didn't listen to me. The pull was a little rough, but we managed. Went back to camping Ulli, and left after he hadn't popped for 11 hours.

A couple of us decided to try to get the newest Aht Urhgan mission done, but first we had to do a couple of cutscenes, which turned out to be a lot longer than we expected. First, we had to head to Aydeewa Subterrane to see what Ovjung and Aphmau we doing. Apparently, they were digging a big hole. I really big hole, and it took them quite a while. After they finally found something it looked like the Qiqirn A-team was called in. Radio (or Linkshell?) communication at its finest, and they appear to be "very good with the knife" (bet you can't guess what that is from :). Hilarity ensures as Karababa shows up with the King of Heart and blows everyone up. I wish I had snap shotted the explosion, it was ridiculously huge, like Meteor huge. Anyway here is the aftermath. Things get a little interesting from here as Ovjung is abducted by a mysterious force, but Aphmau is saved by the not so knightly Grand Vizer. Back to Naja for another long cutscene, and Ahpmau is not to please with the Grand Vizer either, or the disappearance of Ovjung. Couldn't get any further than that because people needed to go, but the plan is to do the fight against the Chimera tonight after people get out of Dynamis and I get out of Limbus after getting home from work. The fight isn't supposed to be hard and with Shantoto spamming AM II's on the mob it can't be that bad.

That was pretty much my day, I went to bed after that because I was pretty tired. I had promised myself that I would level my RNG but camping Ullikummi anymore is just horribly depressing. And since we weren't going to do the fight it was already too late to start leveling RNG. Bah. I will have it done tonight, even if I have to stay up all night. I will go double XP ring, even if I have to toss a ring with extra charges on it.

So, yeah, it was lame yesterday, but at least I kinda planned for that in advance and I screenshotted my macro sets for NIN and SAM. I didn't screen shot DRG yet because I have not adjusted it to a /SAM set up yet. Basically I am planning on redoing alot of these macros and was looking for some input. These are my starting points, and I should mention that I use the controller and I hardly ever use the menu's to do anything besides off-voke or off-cast in burn parties.

So lets start with NIN.
C1. Recast - Just has Provoke, Ichi and Ni. Its kinda archiac now, as I just mash the macros for those until they are ready anyway, but I do like it for when both sets of shadows are down, because I can figure out if I need to just take another hit and try to get Ni back up, or if Ni is too far out and I need to try to get Ichi up. I figure that if you have 3 seconds or less on Ni (so the display tells you that you have 5 seconds left because there is a delay in the /recast timing and for the time to start casting the spell), that its not worth it to try to get Ichi back up, when it is probably going to get interrupted or take longer to cast than the time it would be to wait on Ni.
C2. Ichi - Utsusemi: Ichi
C3. Ni - Utsusemi: Ni
C4. Defender - I just recently moved this to a position closer to the Utsusemi macros because I now have to tank Gods and such, so I need to have it up alot more than I used to.
C5. Blind - Kurayami: Ni. Depending on the situation I use this alot, soloing or evasion tanking I use it, and its also a decent hate tool for tanking gods when you dont have anything else.
C6. Slow - Hojo: Ni. Depending on the situation I use this alot, soloing or evasion tanking I use it, and its also a decent hate tool for tanking gods when you dont have anything else.
C7. Paralyze - Jubaku: Ichi. Depending on the situation I use this alot, soloing or evasion tanking I use it, it is less useful as a tanking tool because the cast time is so slow.
C8. Ohat - This is another now defunct macro, I used this before I was 75 and had my Turban or Kabuto. I have my Ninja Hatsuburi macroed into all of my enfeebles but I never carry it anymore, so I have have to switch back to the Optical Hat. I might keep this one around because I can see how it would be useful for when I do bring my Ninja Hatsuburi to solo or evasion tank.
C9. Turban - Similar to my Ohat macro, but I will probably be able to get rid of this one, because I use Walahra Turban mostly for burning, and hardly use enfeebles there.
C10. Throw - just a pulling macro.

A1. Voke - Your basic Provoke macro, it has a party call in it that I might remove, especially because I like to just mash macros if its getting close to being up again.
A2. Warcry - I only use Warcry as an extra emergency Provoke on NIN, I hardly ever use it for damage.
A3. Burn - This is my standard "BURNZ" party TP equipment macro, has most of my haste and attack gear in it.
A4. STR - Weaponskill gear for Jin.
A5. WS - Kinda generic weaponskill macro, mostly set to Jin or Ku depending on the situation, it has Berserk integrated into it, because I often forget to put it back up on NIN.
A6. Haste - This is an older macro from when I didn't have alot of haste gear (I still dont have a ton) but it also equips my Ninja Chainmail, so I keep it around even though I hardly ever use Ninja Chainmail over Haubergeon.
A7-8. Evasion and Eva2. This is a quick set of macros for Evasion gear if things go crazy. Evasion puts on my good evasion gear and Eva2 takes out everything with -Evasion on it.
A10. TANK - A quick macro to get my heavy tanking gear on quick if needed.

Comment: I think my NIN macros are pretty well set up, I am not as concern with them as I am with SAM or DRG.

And now for SAM:
C1. Pull - I used to pull alot in parties when I was leveling SAM so I had this. Don't use it much anymore, but I still like its placement and I still use it. It now included Seigan and Third Eye in the macro before the pulling shot.
C2. TP - Standard TP call.
C3. ACC - Accuracy equipment macro for TP build.
C4. STR - Strength equipment macro for WS build.
C5. Gekko - Tachi: Gekko. I used to have Berserk in this one, with a one second delay, but I decided that it wasn't really necessary, after the advent of Hasso and Seigan because I would be using ability macros alot more often and if I just put the Berserk macro next to those I would be able to remember it.
C6. Kasha - Tachi: Kasha. Same as Gekko.
C7. SataK - SATA for Kasha. This is for when I sub THF, which I dont do very much anymore.
C8. SataG - SATA for Gekko. This is for when I sub THF, which I dont do very much anymore.
C10. Ranged - For ranged attacks without a call or other action attached to it.

A1. Recast - Has Berserk, Hasso, Seigan and Meditate in it.
A2. Berserk - Macro that just activates Berserk and Warcry, I try to use it before WS's, but with a Soboro I usually get TP too fast to worry about timing it for Warcry.
A3. Meditate - Simple Meditate macro that has my Myochin Kabuto in it with a reswap to Optical Hat afterward, when I get 75 and cap Great Katana I will probably switch this to Shura Kabuto.
A4. Hasso - Simple Hasso macro.
A5. Seigan - Activates Seigan then immidiately does Third Eye, its pretty quick and I like this macro alot, it saves my life. :)
A6. Third Eye - For when Seigan tanking, just to get it back up again. I dont use this when I just need Third Eye, its easier to just use Seigan.
A8. Mug - Mug for when subbing THF.
A9. Flee - Flee for when subbing THF.
A10. Steal - Steal for when subbing THF.

The only thing I see that I need to fix with this (as it just had a major overhaul after the update) is the fact that I should have Tachi: Yukikaze somewhere in their easily accessable.

Those are my macros. I will have my DRG ones up as soon as I do the major overhaul on them.

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