Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I <3 Limbus

So yeah, Limbus is my new favorite event. Its quick, but demanding, and if you do it with a good group of players then thing will go off without a hitch. Like they did last night. Let me just first make a comment about the people that were are in my new Limbus LS, some of these guys are 1337. Last night we did NW Apollyon and all the members that had BLM leveled came as BLM, and that was like 3/4's of the LS. There were so many BLM AF2 hats and Dalmatica's it was ridiculous. Anyway, enough of the obsessing over other people's gear. The run was easy and even a little bit boring, as we ended up BLM burning everything, not much of a challenge there. Reminds me of a GM Dave post that Ailee sent me about a DRG throwing a BLM at a Banishing Gate in the Citadel, because you always just throw more BLM's at a problem.

This LS is a little small and they are trying to get more members, so starting runs usually involves voting on new members, which takes a little while but once the run started it was amazingly fast. NW Apollyon is the Kings Limbus. I got to be the stand there and voke guy for the first couple of floors, Vesp got to at least debuff, and Omoi was shocked when she finally had to start healing people on the third floor. Thats how efficient things were. For most floors I would voke the mob off the puller until it was slept then watched the fireworks, not much I can do about hate when there are 8 Burst II or Freeze II's going off.

On the first floor it was Ghosts with a Tainted Flesh boss called Pluto. Easy peasy. The ghosts were rather generous with coins, and the boss was a push over. I actually kept hate on it for a second after the first volley. But that was about it, one shadow down and it was after the BLM's.

On the second floor, it was Buffalo with a huge freaking ram boss. The Buffalo were a little more rough on the BLM because they have a ton of HP and move really fast. They had to kite a little while I should there waiting for provoke to come back up so I could do something.

The third floor had something I could actually tank. It was actually pretty easy to keep hate on this Giant Turtle because it had tons of HP and resisted alot of the spells that were cast. I tanked it for about 60% of its health, then it was all over the place going after the BLM's again. I laughed and tried to get some hate but probably wasn't even worth the effort.

On the fourth floor, I actually got to do something. The wyverns were worthless for me to tank but for this Baby Fafnir I was able to try to keep hate. Just stood on his paws and spammed everything I had. I think I kept hate a little bit, and I did lose one shadow in the fight so he at least didn't like me enough to take a bite at me. I think everyone was shocked at how easy it was, three volleys of nukes and it was dead. Well three volleys and one extra nuke, it was at 1% and someone tossed in an extra spell to take it down.

Finally onto the Behemoth floor, this was the only floor where all the mobs were baby versions of HNM's. I did some more fake tanking on the Kronprinz's and I held hate on Kaiser for one voke. I should have just come SAM/RNG... or not. I will get to that in a minute.

66 total coins and a Magenta chip, there was a bunch of AF+1 items that no one really wanted. Omoi ended up with a piece of PLD AF+1 just like last week. LOL We ended up with 5 coins a piece and Omoi again gave me heres so I am up to 38 coins total. At this rate of close to 20 coins a week, I will have my Brutal Earring in 2 weeks. o.o; Thats just hot. My guess is that once we start pooling coins for Omoi she is going to go for this: Her NIN is already very well set up for evasion and my guess is that this is exactly what she is looking for.

After Limbus, Thaz wanted to xp some more to get some of those sexy merits, and I wanted to get some more xp on SAM and try out SAM/RNG. Ok, lesson for the day kiddies! Don't use SAM/RNG without capped Archery, oh and dont use it without level 75 gear like Seiryu's Kote. >.< I could destroy Puks no problem, spamming 600+ Sidewinders and never missing, but on the Mamool's I was less than 50% on Sidewinder. It just sucked. I also need to get a few more pieces of gear to round out SAM/RNG. We ended up getting around 10k xp, then gave up because it was so late. I am also seriously considering Archery merits. I think it would help a ton, probably at very least 4 Archery merits. I think I want to save some of my merits for Ax on WAR because I think I am just going to stick with Ax/Ax on WAR. Trying to get a Joyeuse is going to be hard, and a Ridill for now is out of reach. Ax/Sword requires a Sword merits that I would much rather put into Archery and Double Attack, as "Occasionally attacks X times" weapons can not have Double Attack proc on an attack round were the weapons extra attack procs, so DA merits tend to be more of a waste on Joy/Ridill set ups than on Ax/Ax set ups. I like to think about my WAR leveling up pretty quick but I am not sure how fast Omoi will want to do it. I am pretty demanding and she likes to take time to do things and doesn't like to level all the time. LOL

I would have more but today but the maintenance put that on hold. LOL Kirin tonight, so should be out of Sky pretty early. Don't know what I am going to do yet, hopefully something fun. ^.^/

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