Monday, November 13, 2006

Ups and downs.

This is your life and its ending one minute at a time... well except in Vana'diel time moves faster so maybe its ending two minutes at a time. Or maybe like two minutes every earth second. Anyway, dying has its ups and downs in Vana'diel, well, it definitely has its downs. Level downs to be specific, but I will get to that later. How was your weekend? Oh really? I died alot. Yeah, what else is new? ^.^/

A point of interest for the blog readers, the gilbuyer that has been mentioned in the last couple of posts has been caught in his own lies. I am still hesistant to name the person because I am waiting on a few screenshots, but basically his claim was that he was in Lineage and he got Neptunal Body while in Lineage a long time ago and was just holding onto it for the HQ. I happened to use to be in Lineage and I like Sanoken a whole lot, and someone I know wanted to investigate the issue, so I told them to ask Sanoken about it. Sanoken said that this person had never gotten an Neptunal Body, and in fact had only stayed long enough to get an Osode and quit the next day. And that he did not like the fact that this gilbuyer used Lineage to cover up their gilbuying. So once I get the screenshots about the player I will post them. There is a much better solution to being a known gil-buyer. How about don't buy gil, especially when you are in a Sky LS, where the RMT are the reason that you are not getting the item you wanted. Keep suckling the teet of the devil.

So how was your weekend? Mine was pretty cool. ^.^

I do want to say that I really want to do these new Ashu Talif assaults, and assaults in general. Gonna spend some time working on that and trying to get the War Horse Hoofprint, which I am still lacking. So if you want to do some assaults or the even better, the new assaults, then send me a tell.

Anyway, my weekend was a nice little string of events, I guess its easiest to just do them chronologically. First, I got home on Friday and everyone was helping Eternalpain to get some spells from the Lamia in Arrapago Reef, so I headed out to help and to skill up my daggers, which I need for Limbus and just in general. While we were there we were generally killing the Lamia too quickly to break their weapons to get them to use Hysteric Barrage. So, what does the clever puller do? ^.^/ I pull the NM's around an Archaic Mirror. Actually, it wasn't as bad as it sounds, they were pretty weak and we were able to take down the Archaic Mirror too. Apparently, if you attack the mirror it calls to the other beastman in the area, but we didn't see any of them show up while we were killing it. I ended up getting the Archaic Mirror by default as no one else wanted it. It was 200 IS points and hurt the Lamia in their next Beseiged, and it was fun. ^.^/

After helping trying to get the spell but being ultimately unsuccesful we headed to Sea to try to get Glacian a Yovra organ. I should have just gone to bed, orz. First, we pulled an Om'Yovra on accident, and that didn't go so well. After regrouping and going back to the Ul'Yovra we were just doing pretty badly, it was like stripga, charmga, stripga, charmga spam. After a while we sent EP back to switch to BLM, so we could get a nice magic burst, but we had more problems, as Glacian was lagging out horribly, and couldn't complete the skillchains because of the lag. Then to make things worse, right when we were in the middle of a skillchain it charmga'd and the spell hit, so none of the DD's had any hate at all, and EP got wrecked. Finally, we were able to get Glacian back on, and decrease the lag a little. Things were still a little rough at times but we managed to take it down with no drop even with TH2. Man that was annoying. After that I went to bed, disappointed.

Got up in the morning and decided to level my WHM a little, as I promised Omoi that I would level it to sub for DRG so we could duo. I got an invite pretty quickly then headed out from Bastok. The Konschtat Highlands in the morning is pretty beautiful. It would have been better if I had a better draw distance, but the fog definitely causes a very nice effect. Well, headed out to the Dunes where Omoi and March came to power level me for a while. The party I was in was kind of ridiculous and abused the fact that we had two power levelers, pulling four gobs at a time and not waiting for MP. :/ Oh well, I did manage to get to level 18 on WHM, almost out of the Dunes, but I still need to get my BLM to 18. I might just have Omoi powerlevel me solo for that.
At some point in here I headed over to Tavnazian Safehold to get my Breeze Gorget made. I had to give Yurim a whole load of things, including 1 Yovra organ, and a green chip. Why she wanted all that stuff was mind boggling and what she said didn't make any sense either, but if that is I need to get to have a Breeze Gorget and a really nice Sidewinder, then thats what I am going to do. ~.^
After that I went and leveled my SAM for a while, nothing really stood out about it. It was with Izman and a couple of other people. It was nice, something like 20k xp. After that Omoi and I leveled WAR and BRD again ^.^/ Its weird really, it feels like the level of noobs is steadily increasing. It used to be just the Dunes, then the Jungles, now any level you can find people that are clueless on how do anything. That being said it is really nice to be able to level with Kira, and we were able to get two levels for both of us, but she is about 3k behind me, so she didn't quite make it to 50. So in just one more level for her we can go out and collect all of our AF. We also need to get her access to Aht Urhgan, which should be a lot of fun!

On Sunday, I got an early invite from Thaz to go xp. I was able to finally get SAM to 74. That was nice, but I didn't get a screenshot of me leveling because I was switching gear. Ahh, but it wouldn't be the only time I saw it today. fo.of Well, that went well, then I messed around for a bit, switched to DRG and headed out to Qufim for Dynamis. It was the first time I had done Qufim, so I tried not to get in the way because I knew you had to be on your game to get the win and lucky. We were not lucky as a whole, but I certainly was as an individual. ^.^ One of the runners missed the subjob ??? and we had to go a long time without subjobs, and even dispite that we did a good job killing the trigger NM's. Then we finally got our subjobs, but on the way to kill some more triggers we got Snoll AND Goblin aggro, which led to a nasty wipe. After which we pulled some Rocs that lead to this:
I wanted to specifically thank Yinx and Tonnberry for the Saotome Kote. They are a great item that all SAM's should have, and they would be even better if I didn't have O's Kote. Maybe I should sell my O's Kote? ... Nah! Anyway, the Saotome Kote was free lot for 4 points when it dropped. I lotted and so did Yinx, but Tonnberry told Yinx that I had a level 74 SAM and Yinx immidiately passed them to me. Yinx's SAM was only 37. So to Yinx and Tonnberry both I owe a debt of gratitude. Thank you.
After Dynamis, it was Sky time, and I was supposed to take people to finish Sacrarium and start Promyvion-Vahzl. This was fine, but there were some delays, and we lost Rei after Sacrarium and Venus after the first save point in Vahzl. While we were waiting for someone to eat dinner I did get this nice screenshot of some of my closest friends in Vana'diel and in the real world. That is Vesp in his new Cerise Doublet, apparently it took more than a little while to craft up the items to impress Brydgid, but you are going to have to ask Omoi and Vesp about that one. After we finished up I didn't have a way to warp back out of Vahzl so I just took it like a man on got this for my effort:
I didn't feel like I had accomplished much and everyone was in the mood so we went to the Boyhada Tree to skill up some. Glacian and Azeryus were already there on the higher crabs, and since we were close enough to start skilling on them and we would kill the lower ones too quickly, we headed up there with them. Everyone and I mean everyone had their NPC's out, so even though we had 8 people, we had 16 freaking people in the alliance, which was the only way we could keep them all out. LOL Azeryus finally got the skill get to Steel Cyclone, and I got my level... again. But more importantly we stuck around long enough to meet Vapors who is apparently applying to Versus, which is always nice. Finally after wasting something like 5 stacks of Demon Arrows (no, you can't ask why I was skilling up with Demon Arrows) I got Sidewinder! LOL After that I finished wasting my money and got to about 187 Archery while I think Izman got to 185 on Great Axe. It was just damn fun and Izman was being insanely hilarious! It was nice hanging out with everyone. I had a pretty good weekend! ^.^/


Anonymous said...

Doesn't it take an Aqua Gorget to make it work with Sidewinder? :o

I'm not sure how accurate this is, but this is my source.

Leana said...

how many jobs DO you got lvled?lol

so far I saw DRG, Sam (I think?), nin and ??????

btw interesting read there RIng *bookmarks * *grin*

Vespasian said...

HEE HEE I can type anything I want here and it will show up....

Anonymous said...

Must be talking about Drone.. He's a piece of shit, and a shitty bst to boot. That guy gots-no-skillz. I think he was showing off his HQ heca gear on the AH this week? (ofn mebbe) - Vile @ Odin

Ringthree said...

Gorgets cover all of the elemental properties of the WS. For Sidewinder its water, air and light (last one not sure)

Leana said...

@ Ring,

all WS's have some Elemental influences ?

*is curious*

btw where did you find info on that, now I'm curious lol

Ringthree said...

orz, Leana I already posted it on the Versus website LOL

It in the Sea forum under the thread "Elemental Gorgets and their corresponding WS's" or something like that :)

Leana said...

ooooopsie didn't see it XD

*wanders off*