Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Nothing stood out yesterday.

I was a bit distracted for a time last night because my new computer arrived \(^.^)/ I will be putting it together during Dynamis tonight. The box it came in was freaking huge. Vesp helped me to buy it, and being a guy that builds his own computers he objected to purchasing from Alienware. :) But I liked it and I got a good deal on the financing so I stuck with it. Its a dual processor of some kind with a nice big hard drive and a 21" HD screen. Hehehe, I know probably over done, but hey if you are going to spend some money, might as well get the best you can. :)

Yesterday, was a standard sky day, so no need to go over that, but we have determined that we want kind of a new direction for the LS. The way Sky is right now makes it very easy to do the non-Byakko gods, and really hard to do Byakko and then Kirin. Truthfully, I do not believe we camp Ullikummi anywhere close to enough, but with the RMT situation it is a horrible pain in the ass to do so and with a spawn window that is up to 8 hours long. Ullikummi is the most broken mob in the game. RAWR. Ok, done, anyway, we are looking to do Wyrms that are up right alot, like Jormungand and Vrtra. Also, we are looking into doing ENM's like Totentanz and Sheep in Antlion's Clothing to get Cloud Evokers for Ouryu. Also, we are going to go back to Sea which had fallen to the way side for a while when some people were leaving the LS. Speaking of which, Versus is always recruiting and if you, dear reader, have any interest, just leave a comment or send me a tell in game. ^.^/

Yesterday was pretty uneventful over all. I did get about 30 more levels of Archery and bought some new equipment for SAM/RNG, including some Coral Rings and a Beater's Earring. Just need to do a few Assaults in Periqia so I can get my Assault Earring. The problem is that I still need a few levels to get to my Seiryu's Kote on SAM, so I will be going without +10 Ranged Accuracy and +15 AGI until then. I dont know if I am going to go SAM/WAR or SAM/RNG until 75. After 75 is all SAM/RNG because I still dont have a Hagun, and I am nowhere close to buying one if they are still floating around 2 million. Soboro + Sidewinder FTW! I think that my next major purchase is going to be Cursed Togi and here is the reasoning. The Osode is very nice, but it has limited usefulness. I could use it for WS on SAM/RNG, but it lacks the Weaponskill Accuracy that the Hachiman does have. +8 STR, +8 Weaponskill Accuracy vs. +10 STR, +10 AGI. Shura Togi would probably help me more as I can wear it on SAM and NIN, its melee gear and I already have a Haub for weaponskills on NIN which is probably better than the Osode.

Before skilling I did help Izman to get Decimation for his WAR. Its funny seeing Iz as a WAR and even he admits it. My neck is killing me so I missed a bunch of chances as screenshots last night. I did get a shot of Yallery Brown dead, and it was total overkill. It was spamming sleepga on us and Vesp was just laughing and calling us noobs. LOL Yeah, it was like 11 people against a poor innocent little sapling. After that we headed to Valkurm to get Gelenkia part of his SAM AF. You have to do it at night, and I got a great shot of the sunset at Secret Beach. There are so many beautiful scenes in Vana'diel. I love this game.

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