Saturday, October 14, 2006

Saturday Detention.

I missed Thursday so I guess I will write a bonus blog entry for the weekend. Like I said I have been busy but I have been able to get on for a while here and there, plus I have some things to talk about left over from Thursday. So where to start... hmmm. Well lets see, Willriker has replied to my comments about PLD DD's, and I want to write an elaborate response, but dont have enough time right now, so that I will have to be held off at least until next week. Lets just say that again I agree with his conclusions, but not how he arrives at those conclusions, they are an observation of uniqueness of being a PLD, but ignores that every DD job is unique in some manner. Again, more detailed analysis of this later and an acknowledgement to Will that I highly enjoy this discussion and I am glad that he is willing to engage.

Today's treaties is on the lazy of players. My favorite complaint by players is how difficult SE makes it to get something do some of the things in the game. Begs the question doesn't it. Either secretly we are all masochists, or some people actually find these activities enjoyable. Sometimes the challenge is the best part of the game. There are those that forget just how fun it is to do some of the things in the game, and when they forget this they become disappointed, disappointment leads to anger, anger leads to the dark side. May this is why I sometimes feel the need to force choke stupid people through the internet LOL. More importantly going to the dark side includes, gil buying, working with RMT and hacking. Just because people feel they have the inalienable right to gear and "fun" (which translated to the simple-minded is gear) justifies the worst in people. This doesn't apply to everyone of course, but sadly its usually the worst people that take the worst actions. People that act like dickheads tend to actually be dickheads.

Yet usually with the laziness of people there is opportunity for other people to take advantage of that laziness. And here is my example from yesterday. Omoi, Bg and I wanted to get some xp, Illy was going to go to but had to leave to do something else, so we picked up a WAR, MNK and a BRD. The only problem was that *gasp* the Astral Candescence was taken by the trolls, which of course meant that we would not be able to warp to the staging points. But that the same would be true for everyone else. We decided to head to the Thickets, because there was next to no one in the zone. But this would require running through the Woodlands then Mamook, which of course, some people in the party complained about, but we went anyway. We did have a little bit of fun with one of the NM's around the Archiac Mirrors around the entrance. Apparently, if you attack the Archiac Mirrors from a different level the NM's are still going to come and try to kick your ass. And even worse, if you get Devout Radol Ja to less than 3% he will Benediction for 57K HP. And then you will cry and zone him.

Well, we did eventually make it to the thickets and it was a sight to behold. Every single mob in the area was up. Every single one. We were the only ones there. It was indeed the land of milk and honey. We made something close to 27K XP in a little under an hour and a half. No one else came to XP in the area for the entire time that we were there. This was our highest chain: That is 4 merits now for me, which I think I will be putting into Overwhelm for my Samurai, but I am going to sit on them for a little bit.

Speaking of which, I did mention before that I had picked up a cursed kabuto last week, but I still hadn't gotten it uncursed. So it was time for me to do the WHM dance with the priest in San d'Oria (yeah, that sounded like a bad made for TV movie, "Mommy, Alphollon C Meriard was touching me in my subligar area"). Yeah, that does look a little creepy. PLD's have that effect all the time... and that means that PLD's are a little creepy too. That explains alot. LOL

Anyway, this is how the kabuto fits into my NIN WS gear:

Finally our words of wisdom today are brought to us by Azy, proving that MNK's really do have to do more than just engage and punch things in the face.

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