Monday, October 16, 2006

Borin + Assault = Death

Actually, really it should be Borin + Anything = Death. Found a little bit of time to get some Assaults done. We did the level 1 Mamool Ja Traing Grounds, which is pretty easy if you can get the mobs to do the correct WS moves and make sure they miss. We did fine, but when Borin is along, you know what is going to happen. We did manage to get Borin to Level 2 assaults and Azeryus to Level 3 assaults, and both Omoi and I are close to getting level 3 assaults also.

Its funny really when the new assault equipment came out I wasn't really impressed because I just gave it a quick precursory view. Later on I went back and looked how good it was in certain slots, and realized that SE actually put alot of thought into it. The pieces are generally designed to fill in slots that have been weak for certain jobs, and with stats that one might not expect from those slots. Attack in slots generally associated with accuracy, ranged accuracy and attack for jobs other than RNG, and special abilities that can't be found elsewhere. So I will be ramping up the amount of Assaults that I will be doing now.

Also, I managed to level my RNG for another 5k xp or so and got this.
Only 11 more levels, orz.

More later if I can.

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