Monday, October 23, 2006

The drool factor.

First, happy belated birthday Ailee.

Second, sorry this is late I have been busy at work.

Third, the drool factor. Everytime we look at a piece of gear we want we have a drool factor. And in this update there are several items that have a very high drool factor. If you are not so keen on gear, this is probably the time to scroll down. LOL Now, I have been obsessing over SAM/RNG as of late so some of my drooling may be biased toward that, even though I really need to get working on my /RNG (I hate being out of town on weekends >.<).

So lets look and see what we have so far.

* Ranged Accuracy +7
* Ranged Attack +7
* Evasion +7
* Enhances Resist Blind Effect
* Magic Damage Taken -2%

This has a very high initial drool factor, but it subsides after consideration of the application. Now this item is SAM equipable but the problem is that now that I have my Soboro, I will likely not be spamming arrows to try to build TP. I will just use the Soboro to get TP then fire off slugshots, and if that is the case then the +8 Weaponskill Accuracy and the +8 STR on the Hachiman Domaru is going to be better. This body piece would be better if I was going to have to shoot arrows from a distance, like against Faust or other NM's. Outside of that I suppose that it would be better for Barrage, but that is only an occasional ability. Also considering that it requires a Cerebrus Leather and a rare item from on of the new assaults, the price tag is very high. So at this point I will give it a 2 drools out of 5.

Next on the list of droolies for me is the:

Barbarossa's Moufles
* Ranged Accuracy +7
* Ranged Attack +7

Now less are some hands that I can drool over for my SAM. The Hachiman Kote have no additional WS Acc on them like most of the Hachiman pieces, and only have +4 STR, which is nothing to shake a stick at but is not as impressive as the +7 Ranged Accuracy and Ranged Attack. The Ranged Accuracy will be necessary to help make up for the C+ skill that SAM's have in Archery, and the Ranged Attack is generally considered to be a better modifier for Sidewinder considering its very low STR modifier. So I will definitely be giving these a 3 drools out of 5.

Now to drool over these:

Barbarossa's Zerehs
* Strength +4
* Vitality +4
* Haste +3%

At first, I thought to myself "Self, you already have Koga Hakama, and this is only +3% haste, so these aren't that great except for the +4 STR." Then myself slapped myself and said "Dumbass self, you have other jobs besides NIN." These can be worn by a wide array of jobs, like my WAR eventually, but also my SAM and my DRG. The STR is far more than what I can get on my SAM AF and the haste is nice too when stacked with Hasso. The same for my DRG, though not as much, as the Barrone legs are quite nice. All things considered I will give them 4 drools out of five considering the difficulty in trying to get Byakko's Haidate.

And the drool train rolls onto:

Sniper's Collar
* Ranged Accuracy +6
* Ranged Attack +5
* Enmity -1
* Subtle Blow +1

Right now I am staring down a Merman's Gorget for my neckpiece, which does not please me all that greatly. I am not that interested in getting Spectacles as the prices is pretty high for a neckpiece that I will only be using for one job considering the fact that I have a Chivalrous Chain already. Now the Sniper's Collar would be very nice until I can get my sea gorgets (which I really need to stop putting off). It would also be nice in those cases where I will need to be attacking from a distance. Being that I dont have my sea gorgets yet, the drool factor is about 3 out of 5, but will drop when I finally get my gorgets.

Ahh, now I can clean up the drool.

Now, I dont have any pictures from this weekend, I got home late last night and I just went to bed, so they will be put up tomorrow. I did do some neat stuff, but it will have to wait until I get the pictures uploaded.

Back to work for now, hopefully all this stuff I have to do with be done by tomorrow.

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