Thursday, October 19, 2006


And so I am back, and will be updating every day again.

I dont have very many pretty pictures today, but there are alot of things I want to talk about so I will get to them.

First, in response to Willriker. Ultimately, I believe that we both agree that PLD DD's are very underappreciated, but I still believe that he over states its uniqueness. Several things that Will points out that are very true, like having an A+ weapon, do put PLD in a unique situation for considering what equipment to use. So there are specific questions that PLD's have to answer while creating a DD set-up. But this is true of any DD job. DRK's have to ask themselves, how do I DD without killing myself. DRG's have to ask, how do I DD with a horribly limited equipment supply.

I just want PLD's to understand that they have the ability to be in burn parties with everyone else, and that they shouldn't build TP in STR rings. If I can convince people of that then I will be a very happy person.

Second, started leveling Corsair. Its kind of interesting actually, but I have only gotten to level 11 and my marksmanship is only 5 right now. >.< I dont even have the chance to use a gun until level 15. It's going to be pretty gimpy. Also the gear for Corsair is a little weird, its like you get crappy left over ranger gear until about level 70, then their is a bunch of nice new gear. I have Hunter's Roll, and once I get Dark Knight's Roll I will be so uber. LOL I think I will like the job alot more once I get to 15 and can start shooting things.

Speaking of shooting things...

Third, it sounds like RNG has been de-nerfed quite a bit. Of course some RNG's have been complaining that they were not back to how they were when they were horribly broken. I am desperately hoping that it will reviving SAM/RNG, and make my COR all nice and fuzzy. I have the gear for my SAM/RNG already, so I just need to level RNG so its not gimp.

Fourth, SAM, oh glourious SAM! I didn't even get a chance to try it out yesterday, but from all accounts its pretty uber. +10 Str, +10% Haste, +10 Accuracy. Its some kind of Kirin's Peacock Osodaite. And the new defensive stance is just plain sexy too. I will do some tests with it today hopefully, we will see how things pan out.

Fifth, there is a ton of new equipment to drool over too, and I will be going over alot of that tomorrow.

Not much going on today, as I got home yesterday, but I will be posting on KI today then organizing my thoughts with some more pictures for a decent entry tomorrow.

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