Friday, September 08, 2006

Will it ever end?

Probably not. We were in perfect position to get Ullikummi yesterday and the RMT pos-hacked right to it and claimed it. Everyone in the room made a GM call and yet later that night the RMT bot Blurant was camping Lord of Onzozo and then King Anthro. Just a wonderful group of people we have running this game! Its just fantastic.

Got Faust and MG, not much else because we were focusing on Ulli. Spawned Suzaku and got some decent drops for people.

The GM's may even care but they are not allowed to do anything real. SE wants to believe that most of the people that are /anon with no LS in Ulli's room 24/7 are real players! They really want to believe that these are completely legitimate players. More like they dont want to do any real about the problem. Its their game, their rules, they can literally do anything they want. And yet they act like it is some kind of democracy with some kind of civil recourse and protect for its members. Its not. It's SE's own fucking kingdom and they can rule it as they wish, and they choose to let the RMT stay. And hack their way to every mob that a legitimate player needs.

At what point are we going to be forced to give up and buy stones from the RMT or just give up on Sky altogether.

Anyway, after sky I went to xp with Thaz. It was fun, because Crotchy came along also :) I got to 64 and a good chunk of 65. I will get 65 tonight and be able to do the coolest looking WS in the whole game!

I think I am pretty much set on gear until level 70 for Sam. At 70, I can sell off a bunch of stuff and get my Hachiman gear. I am less than 20k to 65 and I am so freaking excited.

I was too tired to try to install Fraps last night, so I will probably do it tonight.

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Thazienne said...

Assisted suicide. Tachi: Yukikaze. Just used it. LOL