Monday, September 11, 2006

Can make a good man turn bad.

Had a rough RL weekend.

Lets see, I got my Sam from 64 to 66 and pretty damn close to 67 and a new GKT. I thought I really liked the Hagun style blade, but after getting used to it I am ready for the straight bladed look for a while. We will see how that grows on me. I wish I had some pictures of the Kazaridachi, it has a nice straight blade with a very ornamental hilt. I will probably use that until 73 when I can use my Ushikirimaru or get a Onimaru. I will probably never get a Hagun.

Sky was fine, no Kirin though, not enough people. I know I should have expected as much but people just dont show up with Omoi is not around. One person in particular decided it was more important to xp than to come to Kirin. Which is just kind of ridiculous. And there is another person that feels that they can do anything they want while Omoi is away and if something happens again with them, the will be getting a stern lecturing.

I have come to two nice and neat little revelations.

  1. I am going to be conservative on what gear I need for some of my jobs. Some jobs just aren't going to be as important as other jobs. Like I dont think I will ever need a Hagun for Sam, or a Nobles Tunic for Whm, or a Ridill for War. Now that being said there is some gear that I do need because it applies across all jobs. Neptunal gear, earthern gear, Byakko's Haidate. And I will continue to pursue them, but I am not going to dump a large amount of gil into an item that I will only use for one job. I might make an exception for a key item to round out a job (Hagun might be one of those exceptions), but like I can't see getting a Hauberk when my Haubergeon is just as good (even though the Hauberk to me, looks way more sexy). I have a Haub, a SH and an AJ, those are some of the key items I need. I will be keeping my O's Kote though. ;)
  2. I am about to get emo here... you can skip this if you want. Sometimes I think that my nature prevents me from being happy in the game, I like to help people do things, and that is generally a motivation for me. But I think it kind of makes me isolated from people. It could be that I am always trying to xp too, that people dont really think that I want to do other things. I dont know, I am just being emo. LOL
Got up at 6 in the morning on Saturday to help Ailee get her Joy Toy. I was running through the jungle to get there and Charby popped and was claimed within 2 minutes of its pop window. But we went back in the next window and that sucker popped in the first set of placeholders again, but we didn't get the claim :( Luckily the party that claimed it was just a ninja, pld and 2 rdm's. The ninja did a decent job, but wasn't coming close to taking down enough HP. I thought they might be trying to hold it for reinforcements but if that were the case they should haven't had the ninja engage it. They were doing ok until the ninja went down which was pretty much inevitable. The Rdm's then kited it with Gravity and Bind, which was kinda depressing, but finally it resisted and destroyed the Rdm's and we got claim. Took him down pretty easy. Ailee got her Joy Toy.

LB apparently beat AV twice this weekend. Very impressive.

Going to xp Sam again tonight. I would like to be 70 by the time that Omoi gets back.

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