Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Perspective that no one sees.

Running an LS is hard. I mean really hard. I pity those that run really big HNMLS's. Running Versus for a day is tough. I just hope that I dont run it into the ground while Omoi is away.

I wont get into the specifics for yesterday, it was actually a pretty good sky day. No Ulli, but Zip, MG, Faust, SC, and BB. We are going to be camping Ulli and Water on Thursday. But at least we will have gods to spawn. We could have spawned gods by the end of the day, but it was getting late and we had just gotten a second set but had less than an alliance, and I thought it better not to spawn gods. With water we will be able to spawn at least three gods on Thursday. I really, really, really want to get Ulli though. We need an Ulli bad, really bad. We will get Ulli.

The funny thing is the amount of tells you get from your members. Just general things, like AFK's and senior members just talking about where to head and what they are doing, which is incredibly helpful. The funny thing is the tells I get from concerned members. Now I am not the one that keeps attendance for the LS or anything, but its pretty obvious that some members have really good attendance and some have spotty attendance. The person that sent me a tell is one of the ones that I believe has really good attendance, and he was worried about his lots because he was 15 minutes late on Sunday. I wish all of our members were like that. XD

After Sky, Borin needed xp on his Rng, and for how much he dies for the LS I couldn't say no, and who could say no to more merits. So we headed to the Mire and did pretty well, I think that the highest chain we got was the mid-20's. About 30k in xp/lp.

I got back and dumped 4 merits into my last crit hit merit, and have two left over, I think I am going to put the next merit into Str. I know that attributes are a long road to go down, but I am going to at least test out 2 merits in Str. It should have a nice effect on my Sam at very least, and it will be nice when leveling a bunch of different jobs. Now maxing Str will cost 36 merits total, which would be at least 10 more merits than I have already earned and spent. We will see how it goes, but I dont really have much interest in any other merits at this point.

Tonight, I have a fantasy football draft, then a debate meeting, so I dont know how much time I will have to play until late, but I am going to merit with Tama and Vesp tonight, which I am really looking forward to :)

Also Vesp is going to help me get Fraps tonight, and with debate season looming, I am actually thinking about getting the most basic kind of windower so I can play and get work done for debate at the same time. I know, I know. But I have to think practically here.

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Omoikitte said...

I have the utmost confidence in all my leaders to manage Versus while I'm not there. I'm just sad I'm not rattling around with you guys up there ^.^

Nice work though on the gems, good luck with Ulli thought >.< Your going to need it by the bucketful.

Its nice for someone else to have a peek into what its like running the linkshell, its not as easy as it looks, if you want to do it well you have to put in the effort and time to keep things well oiled and running relatively smoothly.

I'm curious as to what you will merit ^.^ Since I'm at a similar point now where I've capped Critical Hit, Evasion, and filled up my hp and mp merits to completion.