Tuesday, September 05, 2006

How not to make a good party.

So, this was a busy weekend, but I didn't exactly get a whole lot done. Friday, I leveled War with Kira. A lot of that time was spent not doing anything while trying to find some people to party with. I did find a very nice JP War that we ended up dual tanking with. Second JP player on my friendslist. Oudou being the first (a really cool guy, who thinks his English is WAY worse than it really is) who was a leader of the now defunct Cruel Kingdom and is starting a new Sky LS called SkyMAX. He might be coming with Versus to do Sea events, along with Lordoface. Well that got a little side tracked. Ended up getting 45 in that party, Kira got to level 44.

Saturday was a little blah, didn't really get much done at all, had to go out for a while. Saw Beerfest which was freaking quality. I definitely sugget it for anyone that can appreciate the humor. While I was out Omoi help Illyana to get his Joyeuse, which is really cool for him. Now he needs to get to 75 and merit so he can take advantage of it.

Sunday was sky, did a decent collection of Gods, as usual all but Byakko. Those RMT drive me crazy. We have a Seiryu set left for when Omoi is away, but we should be able to get some more gems today. After sky, we played some Brenner which was definitely fun, but War isn't as good as I hoped it would be. Omoi will be gone for two weeks, I hope we do a good job of running the LS while she is away.

Monday was a work holiday so I decide I wanted to level my brains out the whole day. So I got up and got on my Sam. I looked around for what was searching and found a reluctant bard. They were looking for a quick party, so didn't want to join immidiately. But they turned out to be more interested than they appeared because I got a Whm and they were pretty much in. We picked up a Nin and a Blaize, War friend of mine that used to be in Dissonance. I can't remember what the last job was, but this was a really great party. The brd was really good, and kept us at a good pace.

Eventually people had to go so we went back to town, so I picked up a rdm to replace the whm and the brd after a while decided to stick around. I believe this was the party that had Mikesjustice, Azuminegata and Akimarie in it, so we had some big names in the party. LOL We were still making decent/good xp.

This is were my need for xp overwhelmed my senses. After this party disbanded, I was in the mood for some more "burn" xp, or more like lazy xp. Nothing really to set up or anything just spam that WS macro. This isn't such a good idea without a bard. :/ The next party had a whm and like 5 melee's because I was in so much of a rush to get more xp. Our xp dropped in half during this time. It sucked, and after a while the whm just wanted to through in the towel which was fine.

After that, I tried making another party, but I was trying to force it again, because I had at least a 4 level split, and at some points a 5 level split for xp. After a while one of the nin's "d/c'ed" and didn't come back (which I will get to in a minute), and we finished up with 5, actually making better xp because we were fighting lower mobs for higher chains and more thus more xp. It wouldn't have been so bad if the Astral Candesence wasn't gone. Oh well, that is what I get for trying to force myself into xp parties instead of waiting for the proper jobs to show up.

Oh and to top it all off at the end of this party I realized that I didn't have any sneaks left, got aggro and had to home point. It freaking sucked.

As for people that DC just to get our of parties they dont like, thats just so fucking weak I dont know where to start. If you dont want to be in a party, just say you are sleepy, or you dont like the xp, or anything. Dont just freaking DC in the middle of the party, its not like we can't figure out that you are doing it on purpose...

Anyway, after that Az wanted to XP, so I hopped on Ninja, died 2 times getting to camp, once at camp, then once again at the end. I wasn't too pleased at all. Drachenwarrior was in the party, which kinda shocked me. I didn't know he was friends with Az, but I just let it go. I did get a merit so I can get the last level in Crit hit, but I dont know what I am going to merit after that.

In general, I am kinda bummed out, I dont feel like I am getting much of any reward out of anything anymore. I dont know if I want to really do anything besides level and go to sky for a while. My goal is to get Sam to 65 so I can get Tachi: Gekko, because it just freaking looks cool. I did pick up some new Str gear for Sam, which was cool because it was obvious that it massively increased the damage I was doing on WS's. I can't wait to level War again though, because that job is really fun, and with Kira and I on War and Brd we should be able to get parties no problem and I can leave that worrying up to someone else.

Finally, I think I need to get fraps. Vesp and Gorokai said I need to get more pictures here to break up the monotony of text. I think thats a good idea. I will probably look into that tonight.

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