Friday, September 01, 2006

Down and out in Vana'diel.

So things can go well, and things can go very, very poorly...

Versus did Kirin yesterday. We had a great mini-god order. Byakko, Seiryu, Suzaku, Genbu. I think Borin was the only person that died on the mini's, chainspell Flare with War sub tends to do that while you are trying to shadowbind. Anyway, we are getting better at straight tanking, and we do a ton of damage when we are straight tanking. For some reason we are still having issues with getting skillchains off, but we are working on it.

Then we went to Sea and I screwed things up really bad.

We finally got Ix'Drk to pop, and instead of taking one of the Qn'aern's I took the Aw'aern that was still up. It probably wouldn't have linked anyway. >.<

  • I got a Combat Caster Axe. It was more than I wanted to pay for it but I thought I needed decent gear for Diabolos and I needed to buy it anyway for my War. Definitely didn't need decent gear for Diabolos though, because Glacian forgot that his JSE was for 50 cap not 40, and he went in pretty much naked, and still kicked Diabolos's ass.

  • I have been getting really stressed out about RMT lately, I dont think that will ever stop. I just want SE to do something about them. We haven't done a Byakko in like two weeks, but we usually get 2-3 Ullikummi's in a run so I am not to worried about it, but camping Ulli against the RMT is so horrible that it makes me physically sick. I hate it. I just wish that SE would do something instead of turning a blind eye on the RMT. They really need to change their rules about camping. It isn't a legal issue, they can ban anyone at any time for any reason, it's their freaking game. The get to decide how it is run. Its just freaking ridiculous. Maybe introduce new gear in the new areas that are equivilent to the gear on Sky, because then the RMT will have less reason to camp, but then again they will probably have less competition for Ulli at that point and it will be harder to claim him. Why can't they just straight up ban them?

  • Oh, I forgot to mention that we got Kira's Paper Knife last night, which was sweet. I was completely exhausted by that time, but there was a classic moment when Omoi said "This is how you sneak by things so that you don't get aggro" when she was avoiding some slimes than immidiately walked in front of a gob. LOL It was a fun time and neat to protect Kira as we went to go fight the Toras the kraken. The Pass zone is so funny, its like a B-rate horror movie. You go in and the guard is like "There are unimaginable horrors beyond this gate." Then there is an incredibly elaborate gate lock activation mechanism. The door eerily opens, then... OH NOES! BATS AND GOBBIES! LOL

  • I think that I am obsessed with gear, or more accurately I am obsessed with the notion that I am obsessed with gear. I am always beating myself up over the fact that I want gear that other people need too. Man, this whole thing could be a post in and of itself. I think I need to level more for a while, it helps get my mind off of things. I haven't xp'ed since monday, and I am definitely in need. Hopefully tonight. I am all geared up for War now. :)

  • Finally I want to say that the Raja's ring is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Its nice having a ring that I can wear from level 30 to 75. No more swapping in that slot. It has to be the most effective ring slot ever created. I can't think of anything I would take over it.
  • Oh well, back to work, then xp tonight hopefully. I hope things look brighter tonight in Vana'diel.

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