Thursday, September 21, 2006

Elvis is dead! No, wait. It's chivalry that is dead. Elvis has a better chance of being alive than chivalry.

Got home late again, so didn't do a whole lot last night. And I am kind of rushed today, so this is probably going to be shorter than normal.

Anyway, I got on last night and preened myself on my Sam. I can't wait to get to 75. I will be able to wear my wyvern helm and, as Fuzzball says, its the most bad assed looking helm in the game! And its much better than looking like, again as Fuzzball says, a chemo patient. I was doing all of this while everyone was finishing up dying to Dynamis Lord. Apparently, two Wyrm Helms dropped in Xarcabard today. TWO. On the day that I could not go. I would have gotten it for 4 points. To say I was a tad bit pissed would be the understatement of the year.

Anyway, Omoi got out of Dynamis and logged over to Kirameki and we quickly got a party together, and headed to Quicksand Caves. The party was doing pretty decently. We were in a small area with a limited number of mobs, sometimes having to pull spiders when beetles weren't up. This was going fine until another party showed up. Now, this area is very hard pressed to support two parties, and we were a little high of the area so mobs were going down pretty quickly. We had been in the area for over an hour already, so we had no intentions of moving.

This is the short and useless conversation that followed their arrival.

Its great to know that chivalry isn't dead!

After they showed up, our xp had slowed a bit, but I couldn't imagine how slow their xp was considering the fact they were too low for spiders and could only pull beetles. After a while there was a time when none of the mobs were up, so we both just had to sit their twiddling our thumbs. It was kind of silly that people couldn't be considerate enough to even move to another area of the caves. Oh well, its the nature of things in the game I suppose. Its funny how hiding behind a game gives people the confidence to be a dick, unlike how they would act in real life. Internet courage seems to be alot like alcohol courage.

Some time during the party I got to level 46:

Lets just say that xp is going alot slower than I expected on War. I think it just has to do with the level we are at right now, we are too low to go to the basement of the Citadel and too high to go QSC. Just a few levels ago we were doing much much better for xp. Oh well.

Kira is about a full level behind me in xp right now (7k). This difference will disappear with time and her using an Empress Band while I dont. And truthfully, I dont think its that important to still so close together, but it would be nice if were actually of the same level for a while.

Sky today, I know we will camp Ulli and claim him today. The RMT have been slacking and as long as they dont hack again we will be able to get him.

I am out of town over the weekend, I will try to get on the game a little bit, but I am going to try to level my clothcrafting. I have SO many crawler coccons on Ringsix that its kind crazy. It shouldn't be hard to get to 51 at all, and I can use the coccons to get to 51. :)


Thazienne said...

Zomg, you had a Highlander in your xp party!!!!! Mcleod!!!!

Also, there is another area to exp in that has beetles only. It isn't utilized as often so not alot of people know about it.

Espera said...

Wow... LS chat from Chacharu. Strikes me now how long I've been playing, heh.