Friday, August 13, 2010

Do NM's Cry When You Kill Them?

I have never really wondered what NM's think when I kill them. They usually have stuff I or my friends want, and we aren't going to let them get in between us and our most desired bling. I still don't really care, but after killing a few Minhocao and Chukwa's to get some gear I started to almost few bad for them. I mean how would you feel if you were tortured by some gimp RDM "soloing" you for hours on end? I would just be wishing for a quick end by an alliance that could actually kill me in a reasonable amount of time. I pictured their feelings would be hurt at the very least. I think there needs to be a new rule, if "soloing" a mob takes longer than the respawn of that mob, then you need to get a new hobby.


Samonez said...

Indeed, there are times where you just start to feel sorry for some mobs.

Than you get a treasure pool where the only thing the mob dropped is a crystal, than you don't feel sorry anymore.

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