Friday, November 06, 2009

POL News: Version Update Preview!

Even more news about the impending version update for FFXI peppered POL today, as the run up to the files been released becomes more imminent, SE feed the hungry fanbase with their tidbits of information regarding what to look forward to and expect.

With the announcement of the Evolith system most likely being the biggest thing in this particular update, it is not overly surprising that what we have as followups are going to seem a little less glittery.

As such, it is with no great surprise that the preview notes for today will only appeal to a minority of the fanbase rather than the majority. I would be REALLY interested to know what the % interest is on these mini events that SE throws at us, like the Chocobo circuit. You can check out all the update details on SE's site if you are really interested in it right here if you are desperate to know about the exciting and innovative additions, amendments and inclusions to chocobo racing.

If you are a keen angler then SE are offering bits of gear for fishing up a prized haul in the Mhaura quest "Inside The Belly", which is nice, I think. I guess it depends what gear they are talking about, although don't expect it to be anything amazing. More than likely just quirky.

The most interesting part of this update was the "And finally some common sense" additions to the end, no longer do you have to fear dying as soon as you zone into Xarcabard_S to do Campaign, which when you think of it was kind of a big oops in game design there! "Whoo hooo campaign.... err... can anyone come raise me please?! .. please????!!! I'll pay you.." and to tempt? people back to Eldieme one of the biggest putoffs for me at least, those darn gates will no longer lock you in once campaign ends, forever dooming you to wander the necropolis till you fall down an open grave and die from the 40 IT bombs sat down there just waiting for it to happen.

So! There you have it, a preview indeed.... on the other hand.. here are some dancing hamsters!

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