Saturday, November 07, 2009

FFXIV News: To Coupon or not to coupon.

The release date of FFXIII is racing forwards for Japan, while the rest of the world gets to wait in line and merely drool over the pretty pictures that are emerging to tease and tantalise us.

One such hook to reel in the eager masses was the release of further magazine images of the game which also contain a little caption at the foot of the page suggesting that a coupon will be available in Japan to those who buy the game that has some bearing on the next mmo from SE, FFXIV. Credited source goes to

Speculation is rife as to exactly what this coupon will allow you to do, with the leader being access to the beta testing of the game. If nothing SE is being consistent with its game plan of offering ingame articles for money, branching out across their games now rather than just being internal.

It IS a lure, although with the fan base being teased with the melting pot of images, teasers and tips I suspect there will be no small queue to aquire this game. While this seems to be currently only a Japanese promotion I do wonder if they will offer anything similar to the US/EU people, although a somewhat skeptical me doubts that will happen, particularly as it eventually trickles down to the EU side of the world, a small twinge of sadness realises that we get cut out of the loop a lot of the time. Sometimes it definately feels like we are the smaller, younger child bouncing after the grown ups going "hey look look, include meee too!"

Hey! I'm a gamer too! I don't want to just read about all the cool stuff other people are doing! I want to particpate too!

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